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Looking good like jennifer lopez and beyonce, who would always ensure they wear the best of straight wavy hair in a cute design is not far too difficult to achieve. There are several ways to become even smarter yet; beautiful without having to spend much like celebrities do. Let’s assume you have a natural straight shabby hair, and has maintained its beauty and color till this very moment.


You perhaps have wanted turning it into something different next season to possess even more changed look. We’re covering a few areas on how to easily get, maintain and retain a beautifully colored and trimmed straight hairin the next few lines and you should stay tuned.

Flat Iron Press

Flat Iron is a hair styling tool that features two plates, a flat iron is pulled through hair to accomplish a briefly straight appearance. Flat pressing changes the water bonds in the hair shaft for a super-straight impact–it looks more like squeezing the wrinkles out hair. Because of high warmth and direct contact on hair, flat pressing can cause harm to hair, so don’t do it consistently.

Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron

Another expansion to the market, this mix hair dryer/hair straightener smoothes straight as it dries, dispensing with the requirement for an in-between step of blow-drying. This is an awesome new instrument that we’ve been using a great deal in the salon, and marketing to our customers, who adore it. It’s a timesaver, and it helps hair’s condition, as it dispenses with the need to blow-dry.


This conventional hair-fixing strategy is connected when hair is pulled over a brush (round for more volume, level for a straighter look) and dried with hot air. The fortunate thing about blow-drying is that you can control the volume of hair, and smooth it without making it hang stick-straight (similar to the consequence of other fixing techniques). The terrible thing is that you can never get it as straight as with different strategies, similar to an iron.


Wrapping is certainly an old way of treating the hair. This antiquated strategy straightens hair by wrapping it around the head, sticking with bobby sticks and clasps as you go. Generally one huge styler is set at the crown, to include volume at the top. This is the most secure, most hair-friendly approach to smooth hair, and it brings about straight hair that is complementary to the head. To speed along the wrap procedure, work with hair that is just marginally moist, and sit under a dryer or blow-dry delicately to finish. Wrapping is additionally a decent approach to save a victory or level pressed hair for over a day, and as you rest.

Conclusively, ensure that your hair is kept clean and properly washed with shampoo. Depending on how often you deem relevant — observing hair cleanup session once in two weeks or a week is ideal.

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