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Staying Healthy Whilst Travelling: Taking A Walking Tour In Spain

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In order to stay slim and healthy, you need to keep moving. That means that the activities you plan on a holiday should be experiences that are positive for both the body and the mind. One of the best ways to get the most out of your travel experience then is by taking part in a walking holiday. Guided and group holiday tours are offered as well as self-guided excursions.

Staying Healthy Whilst Travelling: Taking A Walking Tour In Spain

Visiting the Alpujarra Region of Spain

One of the best places to visit in Europe that is good for the body and mind is the country of Spain. Walking holidays are featured in this country that offer both geographical and cultural diversity. For instance, you can visit the Alpujarra region on foot from early April through the end of October. This type of tour typically lasts seven days and is a self-guided type of excursion.

This area in Spain is made up of mountain villages that lie south of the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains. You will experience peace and tranquillity during this walking tour as the route is nestled in sheltered valleys that run down towards the Mediterranean Sea. Plus, the terraced farmlands feature a year-round water supply from the snow-melt in the mountains. The higher elevations are national park land whilst the lower grades of the topography are part of a nature reserve.

The Community of Busquistar

On this particular trip, you will first arrive in the historical city of Granada where you will stay overnight. During your short stay, be sure to try the tapas and enjoy a flamenco show. After your overnight adventure, you will be transported by local bus to Busquistar. This small community is one of the reasons why walking holidays in Spain are so popular. About 400 people live in tiny enclave. Situated inside the Sierra Nevada National Park, the area was once known as the hidden paradise of the Mozarabic.

The exact origins of the village are unknown. However, evidence supports that the theory that the community was established during the 1200s. Therefore, influences and remains of an Arab dynasty can still be found here. Outside the centre of the village, visitors can enjoy mountain climbing, adventure sports, and hiking.

Walking in the Surrounding Area

If you are taking a walking tour, you will typically start by taking a circular path when you arrive in the village. Crossing the river known as Trevel├ęz, walkers will travel to the white villages of Taha de Pitres. They will then walk back through the villages Fondales, Mecina, and Ferreirola.

Each of the small journeys during the walking holiday take about five hours and are 14 kilometres or 8.8 miles in length. When you choose this sort of getaway, you will typically enjoy such amenities as bed and breakfast accommodations, maps and walking instructions, and luggage transfer, except when travelling by public bus. Some of the potential extra costs include single rooms, travel insurance, flight costs, entrance fees to attractions, and transportation costs before and after the tour.

Review the tours available online today. Some of the Spanish holidays feature tours in Andalusia, Camino De Santiago, Catalonia, and Costa Brava, which is located along the Catalan Coast.

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