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Spytector – A Private Investigator

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Internet has brought a marvelous change in the lives of people. Connecting with others with the help of a computer and an internet has become a layman’s job. Anybody can access the internet without any hassle at all. But in spite of it’s usefulness, today internet is becoming a headache for company owners. Though employees are given a computer for their convenience in working, there are many workers who spend nearly half of their time browsing the internet for their own purpose and uses.

It is not possible for employer’s to visit every cubicle and spy on their employee’s computer to know if they are doing their work properly or they are misusing their valuable time. It may be surprising to know that most employees simply waste the company’s resources for their own private agenda. Even after having a knowledge of all this, an employer remains helpless as there is a large number of workers under him. He can’t spy on everyone. Spytector keylogger is the solution to all such problems. It is a blessing for all the big organisations. In simple terms, a keylogger is a spy software which monitors activities on the computer system. A spytector is a keylogger software which tracks all the keystrokes on the designated computer system ( it may be a personal computer or a laptop too). If this software is successfully installed in the system, details about each and every key stroke entered in the system becomes known to the owner.

Most surprisingly, it can be hidden and it’s presence is not even detected by a anti virus software. If the owner of an organisation installs this software in each and every computer system of his organisation, a wide category of details is made known to him about what screens are opened in the system along with what sites are browsed on the internet. This software’s invisibility acts as an icing on the cake. Even if the employees get any idea about it, they would not be able to find it it disable it by any way. In the present era, Spytector Keylogger is playing a dominant role in the analysis of an employee’s activities in the IT sector. The spytector totally goes in stealth mode and sends it reports of the activities via email. The present version of a Spytector is easily compatible with windows 8 too.

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