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Some Lesser Known Facts About The City Of Chennai

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The gateway to south India and the place to experience the true essence of the south indian way of life and culture, Chennai is well known for being one of the best holiday destinations in India. Flight tickets are much cheaper from one city to the other so if you check for the Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai to Chennai flights lowest fare, you might be able to grab yourself a good deal for your trip! Start searching!

Chennai, one of the heavyweights in the automobile industry and well renowned around the world for the manufacturing and production of commodities for various industries, is also the main commercial centre of south India. Mumbai to Chennai flights lowest fare can be cheaper than an AC train ticket and if you are lucky enough to bag it, you can travel to the two biggest commercial cities in India. Although the climate can be hot, humid and dry, a visit to the city will totally be worth all the trouble as there is so much Chennai has to offer to its guests. Mentioned underneath are a list of some of the facts you probably never knew about Chennai.

Chennai was formerly called ‘Madras’:

While this may not come as a shock to many older people, the younger generations know Chennai by one name, ‘Chennai’, which is why when you make a mention of the name ‘Madras’ they look confused and might also cringe a little. Chennai was called Madras till the year 1996. Madras is taken from the name ‘Madrasapattinam’, which is a small fishing village near St. George Fort.

Some Lesser Known Facts About The City Of Chennai
Chennai has the Second Longest Beach in the World:

The popular Marina beach is the second longest beach in the world extending to upto 8 km of natural terrain beach. The evenings in this beach remains packed with people from all walks of life looking to relax after a hot tiring day.

Chennai is dubbed the Detroit of India:

Why? Because it plays home to all the major major automobile manufacturers in the world all the way from BMW to Hyundai. The proximity of the city to the sea port, the industrial scene of the city and the flexible Government policies benefiting the industrialists has attracted all the main players in the game from all over the world to this city. It singlehanded produces 40% of the automobile spare parts and motor vehicles in India.

Cricket in India Originated in Chennai:

The one sport the Indians craze over is cricket. With the foundation of the Madras Cricket Club in 1846, the famous sport began in India at a mainstream level. The first ever first-class cricket was held in 1864 where the home team faced against a strong team of Calcutta.

The Tales of the Buharis:

In the year 1951, a very popular chain of hotels run by A.M. Buhari took the city by storm. It become the talk of the town and tales of its food travelled far and wide. The world famous chicken dish from south India, the ‘chicken 65’ is believed to have originated from this hotel. There were many other signature dishes of the Buhari hotel, however, the chicken 65 is the one dish that makes it to the menu of any hotel or restaurant which claims to be specialized in south Indian cuisine.

The Vandalur Zoo was the First Public Zoo in India:

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park, or simply known as Vandalur Zoo, is the first public zoo in India and one of the largest in Asia. Hotels in chopta is a perfect option if you are in chopta and want to take some rest in luxury hotels so chopta hotels is good for you. Established in the year 1955, this zoo extends to over an area of 602 hectares and shelters over 1500 species of wild animals of which 46 are highly endangered species. The zoo also shelters tonnes of birds and fishes.

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