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Some Information about Pet Waste Station

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In order to keep the surrounding of your residence clean and hygienic, it is necessary to put a pet waste station nearby. If all the waste produced by your pet is placed in this station then the same can be disposed of in proper manner by the residents. This helps to keep the surrounding clean. There are various designs of dog waste stations available, which can be selected according to the location and placed in such a way that it can withstand all weather conditions.

Where can you place pet waste station?

Generally, these pet waste stations are found to be placed in following locations around the building complexes.

  • Near Apartments
  • Near Condominium
  • Office parks
  • Dog park
  • Playground
  • Recreational park
  • Dog day care facility
  • Veterinary location

Why it is necessary to have pet waste station?

If dog waste is not allowed to collect in any specific place then it will give a dirty look to the surroundings. At the same time there will be foul smell too. In addition to that dog manure contains many different kinds of parasites, which may not be found in a dog. These parasites are extremely harmful and can spread diseases not only to other pets, but also to humans as well. Consequences of these parasites are very dangerous to humans, particularly for children and elderly people.

There are many cases where children slipped unknowingly on dog waste and get contacted with it and end up becoming partially blind due to these parasites. Also rodents and mosquitoes can spread many dangerous diseases by contacting with these parasites. Thus, it will pose a danger to residents of the locality and also the visitors, who visit such places.

Types of pet waste stations

Most of these stations are made out of Aluminum material and are painted with either green or black color. Their height is usually between 7 to 8 feet. There are 4 main parts of these waste stations

  1. Receptacle – All the wastes are placed in this receptacle. It is usually deep and narrow and can contain almost 10 to 13 gallons of waste. It has a small opening and its lid can be opened by humans only. Hence, rodents and insects cannot enter it.
  2. Station post – This post holds the entire station so that it remains secure in its place. The bottom end is dug under the ground and cemented, so that it remains in stable position.
  3. Bag dispenser – Facility is provided to place sanitary poopie bags so that pet owner can easily pick them. Dispenser has a capacity to store about 400 to 800 bags. Dispenser is usually locked so that only one bag can be taken out at a time.
  4. Station sign – A sign is placed over the dispenser, so that people can easily identify it as a place for pet waste.

If you are interested to see various designs of such pet waste stations then you can pay a visit to the website choose the station as per your need.

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