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Software to Implement For Better Organization In Your Insurance Company

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As an insurance agent, your top goals include increasing your customer base and expanding your business. This can be a difficult task when you’ve numerous tasks that are taking up your time. For insurance agencies to run efficiently, they must use the right software and digitize most of their routine processes. Here is a list of insurance agency software to help your company save money, time, and better manage clients.

Software to Implement For Better Organization In Your Insurance Company


Connecteam offers a solution catered to insurance agents. With the application, you’ll be able to simplify daily operations with a click of a button. Because insurance agents are rarely in the office and usually in the field, Connecteam provides fully customized audits, reports, and forms so all your agents can have the necessary information at the right time. Agents can even include detailed information about their clients like images, voice recordings, and videos for legal and reporting purposes. For instance, health insurance providers in the field can send details of their clients to ensure back office healthcare operations services run smoothly.

Applied Epic

With Applied Epic, insurance agents will gain better control of the whole organization. The system provides a solution to insurance providers and consumers by allowing the exchange of insurance data and information between the parties. Through their digital policy transfer with insurers, agents can get everything done on the software platform instead of using several people to complete a certain task. Applied Epic also allows insurance providers to connect all insurers through the IVANS Exchange program for better control.

Jenesis Software

Jenesis software is purpose-built to help insurance providers seamlessly manage existing clients, improve business efficiency, drive sales, and market to potential prospects. Easy to use, Jenesis software key features include cancellation tracking, document management, marketing automation, and renewal management. By leveraging the software, you can maximize your time, increase your clients, and your revenue stream.


Have you lost your insurance client or a lead due to a hard drive crash, misplaced information, corrupted spreadsheet, or a tipped over file cabinet? Radius software enables agents to manage and organize all leads and data about their clients. It eliminates the need to send separate emails by allowing auto responders, mass emails, and text messages. The software also provides an analytics dashboard to help insurance agencies make more informed data-driven decisions.

Choosing the right software to implement in your insurance company depends on several factors, such as the size of your business and the products you sell. Agencies can use software developed by their agency management system or source software from providers. Either way, it’s important to do your research and find the software with tools that best fit your business.

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