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Software BPM

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Business process planning and modeling takes a lot of time and efforts; however, the IT industry prepared solutions to make your life easier and save your time. You can use modern technology to improve the overall performance of your company.

Concerns about Software bpm

The main problem that stops people from using software bpm is the misconception that you need to be a software developer to set it up or at least have a technical background. The truth is that even if some of the products that are oriented mostly on the IT industry really require programming skills for proper use, there are programs designed specifically for sales and marketing. This kind of software is easy to use. The best example here is BPM’online. It has a user-friendly interface and it requires no programming skills to install it and set it up. This program was developed to fit any enterprise regardless of the industry. You can visit and check it out. CRM bpmonline already saved a lot of companies and proven that it is powerful tool with endless possibilities. It is flexible enough to fit any industry and any business model.

Software BPM

Main Principles of BPM

You may still have doubts about additional software integration, in fact many businesspersons are concerned about the fact that installing new software takes time and money. This expression is true when we are talking about poorly developed products. However, the IT market can offer some really good software bpm that can increase your productivity and that can be integrated with no stress.

BPM stands for business process management. It is a concept that helps to effectively manage daily operations and constantly improve existing business processes by planning, monitoring and analyzing. This may look simple; however, it is a serious field of study in operational management.

The main idea is that you need to introduce protocols in order to standardize your processes and set indicators that can help you to analyze the performance of your company. After the process is finished, you need to analyze every step of the operation and find out how you can improve your indicators.

BPM software has built-in powerful tools that can help you on every step of the operation starting with process planning and ending with coordination and analysis.

The bigger your company becomes the more processes run simultaneously and it is impossible to keep everything in your head or on paper. You need an instrument that can help you with process monitoring.

What is also important?

Regardless of the size of your company, there is another thing that needs constant improvement. Customer service is a very important part of your company and it seriously affects the overall economic indicators of your enterprise. In other words – happy clients means more money.  Even though that might seem simple, customer service is very complicated and requires a very subtle approach.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a science dedicated to improve your relationships with your existing customers and create a policy for interactions with potential customers. There is also software on the market that can automate most of the routine processes related to sales force, marketing and customer service.

Software BPM

The solution to all your problems

To understand how to choose the automation solution you need to understand what distinguishes a good BPM program from a poorly developed one. We need to define the processes that can be fully or partially automated.

The BPM part of the program must help you with:

  • Process modeling
  • Process monitoring
  • Process analysis
  • Process modernization

The CRM side of the platform must include:

  • Customer database
  • Customer interaction history
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Sales force automation tools

Customer profiles are very important, especially for the sales department. It is vital to know your customer. When you have all the required data collected in one place you have a clear understanding of your customer’s requirements. A good system will show you all the deals that where closed and products and services acquired previously by your client. This way a huge sales department works as one.

Besides that, you would also benefit from a communication system within the company. Many companies, especially the large ones, suffer from discoordination. Imagine that one of your offices is located in New York and the other one is in London. If they will not coordinate their actions with each other their job will become chaotic, which will lead the company to additional costs.

As the company grows, the operational costs grow with it. A good BPM and CRM solution can decrease those operational costs and help you to effectively manage day-to-day processes while the company is safely expanding.

Marketing automation is one of the most important aspects. Even if you don’t have a marketing department, there is someone responsible for your marketing campaigns and attracting new customers. Marketing activity consists of many repetitive actions that take a lot of time if you don’t use proper instruments. Using powerful tools like BPM’online you can aim your activity to a special target group. You can set the system to send specific emails to specific customers indicated with a certain level of interest. Of course, every marketing campaign ends with data analysis. Analysis without using a proper system takes forever. If you use BPM’online you can have the statistics in front of you in several seconds. This system is smart and simple.

BPM’online was developed to help you with both BPM and CRM. This is the only product that successfully combines business process management solutions with customer relationship management. This system can be easily set up to meet your company size and industry and it has a wide range of built-in functions that will speed up your work. Using BPM’online for sales and marketing automation would be a perfect solution for your company.

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