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Smarter And Harder Approach To One Of The Toughest Exams

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There is no alternative to hard work. Hard work helps one fight against all obstacles in life and clear them off the road. A very age old adage is IIT JEE is one of the toughest exams to crack. This, at first, should not be a source of worry for the aspirants. Even if it is labeled as a very tough exam, it is not only meant for the meritorious students. Statistics has shown that, many above average and average students have also cleared the exams with diligence and systematic effort. At first, the syllabus appears to be too huge to cover but studying consistently for fixed hours, can bring the coveted results.

Smarter And Harder Approach To One Of The Toughest Exams

The effort can be basically divided into two kinds. The hard work and the smart work are the divisions, to be precise.

The Hard Work

Hard work will always bring good results. One must stay focused in his or her target and try to avoid distractions like movies and cricket matches as soon as possible. Some of the following tips can be followed:

  1. The calculating prowess has to be strengthened.
  2. The speed to read, understand and do problems should be increased.
  3. One should study every subject every day.
  4. In Physics, enough time should be given to Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Modern Physics.
  5. In Mathematics, one should solve as much problems as possible.
  6. Calculus has to be very very strong. Complex Numbers and Probability should be taken as the scoring chapters.
  7. 3D Geometry, vectors and geometrical interpretation of complex numbers also need to be strengthened.
  8. For organic Chemistry, the more one practices, the better it is.
  9. Other than this, one should in general, focus on clearing the concepts of all chapters, beforehand.

The Smart Work

Often it has been observed, that smart work yields better results than hard work. Hard work definitely pays, but smart work yields in a shorter span of time and with less effort. Some of the smart working tips are:

  1. Solving previous years’ papers helps a lot. If one can solve at least papers of the last 10 years, it helps to find out the conceptual difference between what is there and what is required. Also, this is a good practice for finishing the paper on time. It also helps to know the strong and the weak points.
  2. The various topics should be subdivided and then one objective and one subjective question from each of them should be solved.
  3. Beside the text and the course books, one should not go for too many reference books. One or two books are enough for practice.
  4. The internet should be used judiciously. Preparing for IIT does not mean switching off from all social network sites, but utilizing them to connect with seniors and friends who have cleared the exam and taking their help.
  5. Once the syllabus is covered, the time should be used in solving mock papers and daily practice papers.

All the above working procedures are bound to help one get good marks in the JEE main results.

Some Other Tips

There is no fixed number of hours for one to study. It all depends upon the student’s need and the capability. This has to be judged by the student himself. But, there should be enough time for self study after school or coaching classes. Ther is also no compulsion to choose a coaching institute for clearing the IIT JEE exams. The exams can be cracked even without enrolling into any institute. Only, one has to work harder here. Preparing for both the board exams and the IITs can be really tough, if the study time is not planned properly. Here a great deal of sacrifice is required for these two years. Social interactions should be minimal and one has to run the errands of himself. As goes a saying, “you have to lose something before you get something”, one has to be prepared for working hard for securing a good rank.

If you aim for something higher, you will at least get something good, if not the best. If all these tips do not work, do not waste time for VIT slot booking and getting hold of a WBJEE admit card. As, Vellore Institute of Technology, West Bengal State Universities and some other universities also have some thing good to offer to the engineering aspirants. If you work hard you are bound to secure a good position in the WBJEE rank card also.

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