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Skipping Bail Bonds – What All You Must Take Care Of Before Making The Decision

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The most important thing you have to do to get your loved ones out of the jail is to post bail. The judges set bail depending on several factors like risk of flight, criminal history, bail schedule and other specific factors. There are two ways to pay the bail, through property bonds and through cash bonds. By paying the bail, court will be assured that you will be available for further court appearances.

Skipping Bail Bonds - What All You Must Take Care Of Before Making The Decision

Learn the Consequences of Skipping the Bail

Bail is the first and one of the most important parts of criminal justice procedure. If the defendant did not appear in the court after posting the bail, then they have to pay additional criminal charge. There are several other consequences they would face like-

  • Pay the charges for jumping bail- these charges could range from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars
  • Forfeit the amount already paid
  • They will face impending criminal charges

Not only this, the judge has the right to issue bench warrant for the arrest. This warrant could result in various consequences like increased fines, more time behind the bars, probation violation and rarely, the suspension of driver’s license. The authorities will never repay the cash paid, if you do not appear in the court.

You could avoid all of these situations by appearing within 180 days of forfeiture. Always remember that only valid reason will be considered, and also you should provide proof that can back your reason. You must discuss this with your lawyer before providing any reason to the court. The professional will show you the right path. Read more to learn how to select the right attorney.

Important tips to find the Right Attorney

Finding the right attorney requires great research and patience. If you sign the agreement with a beginner, then there is high possibility of you losing the case. To prevent such conditions, do not forget to check the past year experience and the clients’ reviews. Once you have found the right company, you must ask them to provide list of their clients. Get in touch with their previous clients and know whether they are satisfied with the company. Ask them whether the attorney has helped them to win the case.


Now, you are aware of the pros and cons of getting your loved ones out of the jail. On a final note, you have to take all the factors into consideration. You must understand that getting the bail is a high liability. If they have committed a serious crime and you could not afford to arrange for the bail amount, then you might have to take loans.

If the accused is not easily handled by you, then it is better not to arrange bail for them since failed appearance to the hearings might reflect negatively on your reputation. If they skip the hearings, then you would not only waste the bail amount, but also the penalties and other charges. Hence, you have to be really careful while making any decision in your and your loved ones’ favor.

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