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Simple Tips To Follow When Buying A Laser Printer

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Laser printer is superior in terms of producing quality and quantity, and that is why it is one of the technologies that seem to be a tough player in today’s multi-functional printer market. Laser printers come in affordable costs, as the prices have fallen so much these days.

Since lasers usually burn the pictures or images into the paper, color quality that they produce is brilliant, and these are much more faster and efficient that then ink jet. You can make one page leaflets for your shop, and then print the invoice on the other side, which is a simple way to advertise your business without having to spend a lot.

When it comes to buying a laser printer, a lot of terminologies such as the quality, color, DPI, and speeds of prints, types and models, etc are involved in it. Read on the following article for tips on buying a laser printer for your office or home.

Simple Tips To Follow When Buying A Laser Printer

Choosing Laser Printers:


If you’re buying a laser printer for your office, networking is important, in order to share it with multiple computers. Mostly it is connected to your PC via USB, serial, or parallel ports. The networking can be wireless or wired. The printer’s model number often contains the letter ‘n’ which stands for the network compatibility.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle of a laser printer tells how long the print drum will last. It simply describes for how long you can use a printer without any overheating issue and damage. Usually, the duty cycle is estimated in pages per month. So, if your job involves printing a huge number of pages everyday, then you’ll probably need an extra printer or the one with high duty cycle.  


You’ll often see the letter D on the model number, for example HP 3600dn. This simply tells the ability of your selected printer model to print on the both sides of the page.

Print speed

PPM (Pages per minute) is the term used to calculate the print speed of a printer. For color printing, the page must pass every color print head before coming out. When you are printing a big document have too many pages, it becomes essential to consider the speed. It is difficult to notice the speed of a printer while printing a few pages. From alignment and speed point of view, it is better to select the printer having same PPM number for color and black & white.

Color printing

A monochrome laser printer creates simple B/W images using a single color toner, whereas a color laser printer produces color images with multiple color toners. Although, color printing per page costs more, these high resolution printers can create stunning images.   

Print resolution

Laser printers have a high print resolution, which is measured in DPI (dots per inch). Most of the times your text document’s appearance will not be affected by resolution, but the clarity of graphics, images and photos produced by your printer highly depends upon resolution. Your regular text document will be fine with 300 dpi and photos, but images will require 1,200 DPI.     

If you are looking forward to buy a new printer, buy HP products online in Nigeria at the best possible price, equipped with latest technology.

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