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Should One Change Their Religion For Love?

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The heart does not choose, as you know. Sometimes it happens that love forces you to change the place of living, but even religions. What you need to know in these cases is whether love needs to force you to change religions or not. Just make sure you contact us for free estimate.

Should One Change Their Religion For Love?

Is that real love?

The question is: – Would anyone who loved you so much abandon their religion just to love you and be with you? Is this really necessary? If the family of the person you love are religious, will you be able to deal with that? If you think all this will be too much for you, give up immediately. If you, on the other hand, love your culture, family and you cannot imagine yourself as a part of that culture, you need to end that relationship.

Will your family accept that change?

There are families that are so religious and almost obsessed with their inheritance that they will never accept a “stranger” in their family. If you have a lot of influence on your future husband, then talk to him and ask him if he will want to accept your religion. There is no rule that the woman must change her religion. Sometimes the man can do the same thing.

Will you spend your entire life letting your family hate you for what you did? This is not the very best basis for a happy marriage. Remember that old saying: It’s not a service if you keep paying it all the time. If you think that he will make you happy and that he will suffer the sacrifice you are prepared to submit, there is no room for anything else, but only for a lifelong joy and understanding.


Converting is not a horror story from the 19 th century where the young man spits on the bush and goes to the mosque. No one will force you to do anything and you can decide for yourself. In any case, expect lots of learning. You should remember the holidays, customs, read the Bible, the Torah or the Quran… It’s not a small thing at all.


The foundation of all true love is love, and it is completely irrelevant whether the “supreme judge” is called by God, Allah or the Lord. Even, all three of these names mean God. Believe in love for yourself and your neighbor – that is what every religion has been propagating. The Bible originated from Tore, the Quran from the Bible … All of this are related to people and their faith. It is important to believe in love. Love can conquer all. If your love is so strong, nothing else really matters. You will face every problem together and solve it with love. The final decision is up to you. No one can force you to do something you don’t want to.

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