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Short on Electrical Outlets? Learn What Is Involved in Adding More

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Whether you’ve just moved in, made some renovations, or are simply using more outlets, it’s not uncommon to discover you don’t have enough electrical outlets in your home. While you might use extension cords as a short-term solution, for long-term safe and healthy living, you’ll need to install new electrical outlets. But what’s involved in that?

Short on Electrical Outlets? Learn What Is Involved in Adding More

Track the Wiring

Installing new outlets requires additional wiring. It may also require moving existing outlets to new locations. In both cases, you’ll need to keep track of the wiring and where it goes. You’ll need to carefully mark and track all wires, where they came from and where they go.

Avoid Short Circuits

If your new outlets are the wrong amperage, or if you have wires that are faulty or naked, you could end up with a short circuit that could lead to a fire. Making sure that your installations are the right amperage, that wires are properly insulated and put together properly is critical to not only your safety, but also being able to use your new outlets.

Get Permits

Depending on the number of outlets you want to add and other work you may need to do to add them, you may need to get permits to do the work. These permits can take some time to get and if the paperwork isn’t filled out properly, you may be denied the permits you need. It’s a good idea to hire an electrician to help you with the new outlets so you can ensure any permits you need are applied for, approved, and received in a timely manner.

Watch for Hidden Components

Hidden within the walls of your home are wires that lead to junction boxes. In the attic are more hidden wires. In both cases, messing with these wires can lead to electrocution. You might not even realize how close you are to these wires until it’s too late. Before you do any physical work toward installing new outlets, it’s a good idea to see if you can get the schematics that show all your electrical wiring.

Installing new outlets doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. But working with electricity does come with potential dangers. Before you begin, consider carefully whether you really want to tackle it yourself or whether you’d rather hire a pro to handle it for you.

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