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Shopping in Alicante: TOP Shopping Places in Pricing

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Alicante is nice resort city at the coast of Mediterranean sea. This is a perfect place for sea holidays, big trade port and many interesting places that are gathered together. As a rule, this territory is picturesque and interesting, attractive for shopping and tourism. The tourists from the whole Europe come here for shopping and sunny holidays. Actually, this is rather new place for shopping. People used to go for Spanish shopping to Barcelona or Valencia. Nevertheless, shopping in Alicante is much cheaper than shopping in Madrid or Barcelona. Alicante is a unique combination of shopping centers and outlets.

What about prices? The prices in Alicante are lower than in the rest of popular shopping cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona. You can find big sales for last year collection even if the sales season is over. For example, in August-September you can buy a T-shirt for 1-2 EUR, shorts for 3 EUR and jeans for 5-7 EUR.


The reason of your vacation says that you need a car to make your shopping faster and more comfortable. Actually, you can hire a car in Alicante airport. You should know that local rental companies are cheaper than word popular names. For example, the week rent for Ford Focus is from 40 EUR to 196 EUR, depending on the season of sales. Never forget that the central part of the city is a number of narrow one-way movement streets. It is difficult to find a free parking place in the center. The speeding fine is 100 EUR, unbuckled seat belt – 200 EUR, alcohol – 500 EUR. The price for parking is 1.20-2 EUR per hour.

Shopping Streets in Alicante

Think, all big European cities has their own popular places for shopping – shopping streets. Alicante has its own shopping street – the main street of the city that is situated in the historical city center not far from the sea port and sea shore. This is Avenida de Maisonnave. Traditionally, the street is broad and long. The shops and boutiques are placed from the both sides of the street. You can see all popular brands here: Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Mango, Punto Roma, Guess Llongueras, Massimo Dutti, H&M, Nike, Intimissimi and many others. The choice is wide and prices are lower than somewhere in Europe.

Like A Boss.

Shopping Centers in Alicante

You know, it is very easy to find shopping centers in Alicante. They are situated on the both sides of Avenida de Maisonnave – main shopping street. The first center is placed at the beginning of the street and second is placed in the end.

El Corte Ingles

This shopping center is placed not far from the railway station. The most of world popular brands of cosmetics, clothes and perfumery are situated here. This is Supermercado El Corte Ingles. The second big shopping center is situated close to the historical part of the city. It is also called El Corte Ingles. This shop is full of electronics and household products. There is a huge supermarket on the first floor. This is the best place to buy toys, jewelry, bags and furniture. The supermarket is very big. You can find cloak room to leave your personal things for 1 EUR. Of course, you will get your money back when leaving.

Centro Comercial Plaza Mar 2

The next shopping center is situated in the other part of the city, not far from the Benacantil Mountain, where the most beautiful city sight Castillo de Santa Barbara is placed. The shopping center is always overcrowded. It is full of tourists and natives. By the way, this shopping center is much bigger than described above. You can find many boutiques, clothes shops, cosmetics and perfumery goods. The shopping center is equipped with indoor and outdoor parking, food court and cinemas. Traditionally, there is a big cinema in the first floor. The prices are cheaper than in the rest of other city supermarkets.

Outlets in Alicante

There is one big outlet center in Alicante, so-called The Outlet Store, or San Vicente Outlet Park. This is a real paradise for all shopping lovers. How do you think, what are the biggest sales here? You can catch 70-80% sales anytime, any season. The outlet is located not in the city but in the city province – San Vicent. Do not worry, you have a car!

Supermarkets in Alicante

As you can see, the city has two big supermarkets. They are situated in the first floor of two big shopping centers – El Corte Ingles and Centro Comercial Plaza Mar 2. Of course, you can meet food shops in the city on every step, every street. The most of them are self-servicing. The prices in these food shops are higher than in the big outlets. Nevertheless, you can always buy the food you need, walking the city. By the way, Spanish supermarkets are called Supermercado.

What a surprise! There is one more supermarket that is comfortably located in one of the central city streets. It is called Asisa SuperCOR Expres. The shop starts working at 8 p.m. and finished its work at 2 a.m. It is very comfortable for late shoppers.

Markets in Alicante

Alicante is a city of many big and small markets. Pay attention to one big city market – central market that is called Mercado Central. The market is situated in Avenida Alfonso X el Sabio. Actually, it takes the whole district between two streets: Capitan Segarra and Carrer Calderon dela Barca. You never miss it as you can see the huge shop window and bright sign: Mercado Central. You can buy many home-born products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, wine, sweets, pastry and pother food. Is it fresh? Oh, yes, it is!

Everything is fresh and aromatic.

Fruit Market in Bogota

The best friendly city in Spain is Alicante. This is true. The city is hospitable and friendly. It is really interesting, funny and warm any season. You know, you can name this place the best of the best for shopping. The key factor is price-quality.

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