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Shared/ WordPress Hosting Plans At TD Web Services

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Shared hosting at TD Web Services is ideal for startups, blogs and small websites that are starting to grow. Sharing a server enables web hosts to provide affordable hosting packages. The plans are scalable; you can contact the support team at TD Web Services at any time to upscale server resources when your website outgrows your current hosting plan. The shared hosting plans at TD Web Services are cheap and come with one-click WordPress installation tools, an updated control panel for domain management and extra free features to boost performance and guarantee website security and uptime.

Shared/ WordPress Hosting Plans at TD Web Services

Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is popular due to its cost-effectiveness. Shared hosting plans at TD Web Services start from $3 per month and include free bonuses that add more functionality to your website.

The Small plan starts at $3/month for 1 GB storage and 25 GB of monthly bandwidth. The Medium plan is excellent for increasingly popular blogs and websites and starts at $4.50/ month with 5GB of storage space and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth. The Large plan for websites that need more server resources starts at $9/month with 15 GB of storage space and 300 GB of monthly bandwidth. Sites with a lot of traffic are ideal for the Super plan that provides 25 GB of storage and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth. You can easily get more resources with the Enterprise shared hosting plans and Managed WordPress hosting that give greater server resources.

Free Extra Features

You get a free domain when you make an annual subscription of the Medium, Large and Super shared hosting plans. All shared hosting at TD Web Services comes with 25 GB of free cloud storage, free weekly backups and weekly security scans for viruses and malware. You get a 99.990% website uptime guarantee and a 30 day full money back guarantee with all shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans. To gain website performance insights, the shared and WordPress hosting packages come with unlimited access to powerful reporting tools that include the AWStats server statistic tool that, among others, shows visitor trends.

Fully Scalable

Shared hosting is popular because of its lower price, and also because young websites don’t need a lot of server resources. But what happens when your website becomes popular? The WordPress and shared hosting plans at TD Web Services are scalable, enabling you to access more server resources (bandwidth, storage space and processing power). Their in-house experts will assist your upgrade process and advise you on the best plan.

Free Cloud Storage

Cloud computing prices are rapidly falling due to stiff competition among cloud services providers as more businesses move their storage and processing needs into the cloud. TD Web Services gives you free 25 GB of cloud storage with all shared and WordPress hosting plans. With cloud storage, your data is accessible from any place that has an internet connection.

Powerful Control Panel

You will need to create and manage FTP accounts, databases, email accounts and install various free scripts that are available with shared/ WordPress hosting at TD Web Services. Each domain is accessible via an updated GUI-based cPanel with a secure log-in facility.

Expert Customer Support

One of the biggest advantages of shared hosting at TD Web Services is the round-the-clock server monitoring by their knowledgeable professionals. They handle all the technical stuff and are available at all times to answer to your hosting needs. They will assist your server migration, create free weekly data backups that are securely stored for a week and perform weekly virus and malware scans. Lack of honesty is an issue with most web hosts, but for the team at TD Web Services, integrity and honesty are at the core of their service delivery. The customer support team works hard to ensure your total satisfaction by delivering quality, timely and accurate responses. They are available 24/7/365.

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