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SEO Campaign For Your Mobile App

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Some mobile app programmers could wake up suddenly at 2AM and find their own “Eureka” moment; thinking that their idea would be bigger than Flappy Bird and Angry Bird. However, developing a mobile app could be the easy part and in fact, many excellent apps languish in Google Play store with very few downloads. It is not enough to just upload our app in Google Play store and we should also use the Internet, as well as SEO methods to promote our campaign. In many cases, we need to create a dedicated website for our app that provides marketing and instructional content. Truly successful mobile app developers combine their programming prowess with excellent online marketing methods.

Our SEO campaign should start well before we upload the app to Google Play store or Apple App store. In order to ensure proper marketing impact, we should understand our customers and look for ways to find them. Some mobile gamers have specific preferences and we should be able to find where they gather. To improve SEO performance, mobile developers should also choose keywords that they need to use. These keywords would not only be incorporated in the official website, but also in the app itself. In fact, keywords could significantly affect elements of the game. We should use catchy names and this includes the name of the game or app. This is crucial for both SEO campaign and search feature in Google Play store and App store. It is important that we don’t violate copyright laws, so it’s important to take the step lightly. Choosing proper keywords for our app could make or break our success.

SEO Campaign For Your Mobile App

Another thing to consider is to check our competitors both on search engine results and app stores. The mobile development market is already quite mature and we could find more than a few competitors in our niche. Even before developing our apps, we should concentrate on potential competitors with best positive reviews. We should install and study their apps. This would allow us to make improvements that can be found in our developers’ apps. By having a distinct advantage over our competitors, it would be much easier for us to achieve SEO success. We would be able to promote better things and attract more attention. People would be more encouraged to give our official website natural, one-way links; boosting our SEO performance.

During the post launch stage, we should further intensify our SEO campaign, in order to get our official website higher in the search rank. It is preferable to add new content regularly to our website, such as updates, new instructions and artworks. We could also use some analytical tools to improve our SEO performance. More importantly, download links for our app should be directed to the Google Play store or App store. This is essential if our aim is to gain advertising revenue from apps. Once our app gains significant popularity, much of the downloads will be directly conducted on the respective app stores and at this stage, our official website has done its job in making our app becoming more popular.

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