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Safe Food Choices For Your Dogs

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Our dogs’ are just like family members to many of us. We would never want to either knowingly or unknowingly feed them food that would cause them harm. This is why It’s important to think twice before you give Spot those leftovers from last night’s dinner. Fido may be man’s best friend but he’s still not a man. Many of the foods that are delicious to us, even healthy for us, are dangerous for our canine friends to consume. Biologically, mankind and his canine friend are very different.

Safe Food Choices For Your Dogs

Many seemingly harmless foods that are healthy and enjoyable for us to eat, present many problems for our furry friends. For example, chocolate is a delicious desert that we consume with our only worry being whether or not a moments splurge will create weight gain. However chocolate can be quite unhealthy and unsafe for a dog. Chocolate over-stimulates the nervous system and the heart when eaten by a dog. The consequences wreak havoc on a poor dogs system. The symptoms include increased thirst and urination, restlessness, vomiting and even death, to name a few.

It’a popular myth that cats and even dogs can drink milk. Unfortunately, dogs lack an important enzyme called lactase, necessary to digest lactose found in dairy products. Allowing your dog to drink milk creates stomach upset, diarrhea and even food allergies. As if milk wasn’t a surprising food that’s no good for dogs, those chicken bones and pieces of raw meat are no good either. Raw meat presents an equally dangerous dilemma by introducing the possibility of transmitting bacteria like E. Coli. Although bones are good for the dental health of a dog, reducing bad breath and stimulating the gums, it is suggested that actual bones should be substituted with nylon based or rawhide bones. While the idea of a pup gnawing on a bone might seem like second nature, you could be introducing a health risk by handing one over. It could splinter and cause choking, intestinal blockage, or tears in your dog’s digestive tract. On that same note, avocados, grapes, raisins, onions and garlic, although healthy for us, can be deadly for our dogs, with extreme cases resulting in kidney failure and death. Garlic and onion can lead to severe red blood cell damage, asthma attacks, and even anemia. Anyone who loves their pet would place the health and wellness of their pets above even a lucrative antique car transport business.

There are plenty of safe food choices and alternatives when it comes to nourishing our animals. A little bit of research is all that’s needed when we approach the business of feeding our pets. A natural goal for most pet lovers is to focus on keeping our dogs happy, healthy and safe. It’s easy to take for granted what we feed our pets when we’re not aware of how fatal foods that we eat casually can be when given to our pets. However, rest assured, there are better and safer choices for our pets besides fruits, vegetables and table foods’ when it comes to feeding our beloved dogs.

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