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Roof Care Tips Before And After A Storm

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A storm is a natural occurrence in most parts of the world and usually it leaves a trail of disaster. Your home is a common casualty and your roof typically receives the most damage. To minimize the damages and repair on your roof, one must make it a habit to inspect it not just after a storm passes but also before it arrives. Here are some tips:


Before the storm

Checking your roof for torn or loose shingles are the first tip before a storm. If possible, replace the shingles and drive new nails to the holes. Paint it to secure.

Get roof tie-downs or the so-called hurricane straps to hold your roof to the walls. Poor quality roof or a strong storm can tear the beams down and makes the roof airborne. It is ideal to get one of these straps to prevent your roof from flying away.


Trim the yard trees and secure the items in the yard. Depending on the storm, the yard things might be displaced or worse flown away. Trees are also a concern during storms because it might either fall down or be uprooted and cause more damage.

Clean the gutters to allow the free flow of water. Clogged gutters will accumulate rain water and will soon come off from heavyweight and demand more repairs.

It is now a must to have a roofing contractor who will prioritize you in a case of service after a storm. With the damage left by the typhoon, numerous homeowners would need a roofing service. It is good to be in front of the queue.

After the storm

The trick here is to inspect, detect and repair. For the thing to do is to assess the damage, if there is none, proceed to check. Inspect for leaks or water stains. Once detected, repair immediately.

Although shingles have been checked and replaced before the storm arrived, most cases the shingles breaks. Replace the missing and broken ones.

Clean out the gutters. It may have been clogged by a tree branch or any debris that came along with the storm. A gutter cannot hold so much rain water and might soon give out.

Repair or replace. Save it if it can be saved. Replacement is the best option for the severely damaged. It is better to spend more on roofing service than in the hospital.

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