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Review of HairFree No.1 Hair Remover

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NewImage1These days lots of guys prefer less hair than more. I mean, a hairy chest is not always seen as a turn-on. In fact it’s more likely to be a turn-off. So when a friend sent me a link to a website for a new product offering permanent hair removal for men my eyes lit up.

The product, known as HairFree No.1 Hair Remover, claims to remove hair and reduce the growth rate so eventually the hair stops growing. A tall order, I thought.

Anyway, if there IS a way to stop hair growth and get rid of the hair on my chest I’m interested, so I sent for a tube. It took eight days to arrive and in

the meantime I was longingly fingering my chest locks thinking I’ll never see them again.

Week 1.

I unwrapped the package and read the instructions. Seemed pretty simple to me. Just wipe it on, leave it for 4 – 5 minutes and then rinse it off. And keep doing it till the hairs stop growing. I jumped in the deep end, so to speak, by going straight to the longest and thickest hairs in the middle of my chest. I thought if this stuff works in the thickest part of the forest it should be a breeze when it come to the lawns and borders! But first, the ‘Before’ photo. Exhibit ‘A’ of the crucial evidence.

I applied the cream to this central area. I worked on an area about the size of my fist. Left it on for five minutes then rinsed it off. It’s a bit messy, no smell but just a frighteningly messy blob of cream. I now realise I used too much.

But I was actually pleasantly surprised by what I saw – fresh skin! Is that really me? Some hair didn’t catch, just a few from this first area but basically 99% of the hairs had totally disappeared.

Being somewhat encouraged by this first attempt I repeated as above and left cream on for 4.5 mins over the whole chest. As before after rinsing most hairs disappeared. The result is a pretty patchy area, it seems fairly random as to which hairs are got rid of. I decided to put a second layer of cream on these patchy areas. This did the trick and I was actually surprised at how smooth my skin was having not seen it for many years in this virgin state.

Week 2.

The hairs on my chest have started to grow back. It seemed to me that the hair in the area I had treated previously didn’t feel as thick as usual after letting it grow for 7 days. It was slightly patchy but I thought the patchiness and less bristly feel was my imagination. But taking a close look in the mirror I could now clearly see that the hair that was growing back was definitely less thick and dense than before. I applied the cream on the fuzz that was growing back and used the shower to rinse off the cream.

Week 3.

So I am now at the end of two weeks and there was a distinct lack of hair growth all over my chest. Hair was growing back but now this was looking decidedly patchy with more skin showing through than hair growing. So far I am pretty pleased with the results. If this continues then the product does what it says. I applied the cream again. This time I needed much less as there was about 40% less hair and the hair that was growing was definitely softer and thinner. After this I had used up one tube.

Week 4.

I could now see a definite reduction of hair growth. To put a figure on it I would say my chest had 75% less hair on it that at the start. At this stage I was feeling pretty pleased with the results. The hair now was really thin and

wispy, more like the downy hair that grows at the back of your neck. The thickness had gone. I opened a new tube and applied the cream as before.

Week 5.

I can now see that this stuff does work and does what it says on the box. Virtually all my chest hair had gone, just a little downy fuzz could be seen. I could see that by continuing to use the cream would just accumulate the effects and eventually my chest would be totally clear, as it almost was as I write this. Time for exhibit ‘B’ the ‘After’ photo. Just a word to say that it does tingle and it does have a slight odour. There are lots of different types of hair so this might not work so well on other people. My hair is brown and of medium thickness. From my point of view I reckon this is a great product definitely worth a try if you are fed up with having hairy arms and chest.

HairFree permanent hair removal cream is available online. The company ships the product worldwide so wherever you are reading this you should be able to get hold of it:

Brian Tapsall is a freelance blogger covering innovative health and beauty issues for men.Review of HairFree No.1 Hair Remover 2

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