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Revealed! The Top 5 Spooky Spots In Goa

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For most of us ‘Goa’ and ‘Spooky’ do not seem like fitting in a same sentence. It is such a lively place … It can be anything but haunted? It is a shocking surprise that spooky spots in Goa are as true as its lively beaches. There are haunted places in Goa with bone-chilling stories told by the locals. It is good to stay informed about such places before visiting Goa so as to remain alert. Get your goa resorts booking done online and get to have an experience of a lifetime.

Revealed! The Top 5 Spooky Spots In Goa

Here is a list of top 5 spooky spots in Goa where no one should visit alone.

The NH17

NH17, the national highway connecting Mumbai to Goa is believed to be possessed by blood thirsty witches who love to munch on flesh. Anyone taking this route to Goa is suggested not to carry non-vegetarian foods in their vehicle especially after the dark. According to the locals the highway road has witches roaming around for blood and flesh.

The witches are believed to stop the vehicle and lock out the owners. After feasting on the non-vegetarian foods kept in the vehicle the witches leave the vehicle but injure the owners in some way, maybe to show their presence or power.

The Three Kings Church  

It is a common view that ghosts doesn’t live in the boundary or near any religious place. But three ghosts are believed to live in the spooky three kings church premises itself. People wandering near the church after the noon or at the time when there are lesser number of people around have witnessed the uncanny feeling of some strong personalities’ presence. Although the spirits in the church have never been reported to harm anybody their mere presence gives people a shiver.

It is believed that the place is haunted by three greedy kings who once ruled the place. One of them tried to kill other two by poisoning their dinner at the church and killed himself due to the fear of their supporters. The three kings now roam in the church where they were buried.

The Igorchem Dam 

All spirits and ghost stories are related to darkness but the Igorchem Dam is known for the ghosts who hunt in broad daylight. It is believed that the dam has a large number of ghosts and this is the reason they are strong enough to hunt during midday. According to the locals a man with low self-esteem is always attacked and possessed by the evil power roaming at and near the dam.

It is believed that a possessed human start blabbering in an unknown language to humans. Their eyes turn into horrifying red and the body starts getting pale as the spirits suck out blood from his body.

The Borim Bridge   

The passersby of the bridge claims of a female ghost who has made the bridge haunted. Anyone going on a vehicle sees her running madly towards their vehicle and then suddenly jumping off the bridge. This sight compels everyone to halt their vehicle to help that suicidal lady. After stopping the vehicle people shiver at the sight of the calm water with no ripples or sign of anyone drowning. Back in the car the lady is seen sitting at the back seat looking ferociously at the owner.

Whoever sees the lady sitting at the back seat falls seriously ill without any explained medical condition.

The Road of Baytakhol

The spooky Baytakhol road story resembles any classic horror movie of Bollywood. The night drivers at this road witness incidents like flickering of their headlights, screaming of a lady or sudden passing of a paranormal lady figure leading to severe road accidents.

This road witnesses many accidents during the night. And all the drivers have something to tell about a female spirit who distracted the driver to cause the accident.

Goa is a nice place worth visiting at least once. Book a resort in Goa and have exciting vacation but beware of these haunted place.

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