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Relishing A Power Breakfast In The City Of Mumbai

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For some, having a breakfast in Mumbai can be limited to the evergreen, slices of bread, an omelette and a hot cup of tea/coffee. But if you’re up for something different, then you definitely need to check out this place which is not just about eggs and breads. Even in a hectic city life, these places appear like breathers on weekends, and let you get away from the kitchen for a while. If you just talk about city’s food scenario, there are many takers for it as well. The boost in the number of budget accommodation like Oyo rooms in Mumbai is a sign of its rising popularity, wherein people from other parts drop down just to have the taste of the city. Let’s have a look at some of the best spots to savor that breakfast.

Relishing A Power Breakfast In The City Of Mumbai

Theobroma – Known for its delectable desserts and snacks, Theobroma is a rising favourite among city’s foodies. Each of its dish, from cakes, pastries, breads, chocolates, brownies and cookies, has a Parsi zeal to it. This famous patisserie has multiple branches across the city, serving the best you could’ve ever tasted. Deciding from the menu could be quite confusing, as each of the entry is as fabulous as the one before. If visiting for the first time, go for their ideal English breakfast comprising of toasts, chips, beans and omelette.

Food For Thought – This little cafe appears like genie out of a bottle while browsing through the books at Kitab Khana Bookstore. The cafe is often blamed for disrupting the attention of readers in the store, with the aroma of baked items flowing in the air. Food For Thought is tucked at a corner of the bookstore, dishing out some really enticing bakery items. First timers should go for some waffles in hazelnut sauce and kimchi hash brownies.

Kyani and Co. – One of the oldest cafe in the city, Kyani and Co. is often filled with its list of loyals, who come for their daily dose of awesomeness. If you’re dreaming for a cup of tea right now, there’s nothing like the one at Kyani’s. Served with khair biscuits, this might be the most rejuvenating tea of your life. Carrying an old world charm, the cafe is extremely popular among college goers and professionals. Don’t forget to try its cherry custard and mava cake, when you’re there for the first time.

Mocha Mojo – If you’re looking for a value for money spot, Mocha Mojo comes out as a perfect match. Perfect for those lazy Sundays, this cafe has a good range of breakfast treats. Its scrambled eggs and pancakes with maple syrup is a must have.

Cafe Mondegar – Another famous breakfast hub, worthy of mention is Cafe Mondegar. Situated beside the famous Regal Cinema, this cafe is a major crowd puller in Colaba. You’ll see a lot of foreign faces, as it a hit among international tourists. Customer from far off cities take Mumbai to Delhi flights or Mumbai to Kolkata flights to experience it’s exciting menu. The cafe’s walls are filled with cartoonist Mario Miranda’s caricatures, and are fun to observe while waiting for your order. If you’re up for some quick bite like a burger and pint of beer, this is where you need to go.


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