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Rekindle Romance With These 6 Sleepwear Sets

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One of the most time-tested ways to keep your romance alive is showing your appreciation and reminding your partner how much you value their attention. Dressing up and making an effort goes a long way in making your partner feel special and kindling romance between you two, especially in a long-term relationship.

Beautiful and comfortable to wear nightwear can instantly uplift your mood. Not only does it help boost your self-confidence but also makes your partner feel extra special by seeing you look your best. To keep things exciting, here are 6 sleepwear sets by After Dark that are guaranteed to catch your partner’s attention:


1. Lola, Embroidered Satin Night Dress


When in doubt, go with Satin. The satin fabric looks invariably gorgeous, especially as nightwear. Lola by After Darl is a chic satin dress that is guaranteed to impress your partner. The stunning sleepwear features subtle yet attention-grabbing flower embroidery in the front along with strappy shoulders.

There are four attractive colour options for you to choose from, each with its own charm. Lola creates just the right blend of elegant and sexy, brought to life with its subtle detailing and comfortable fabric.


2. Finny, Dress/Pyjama Suit


Pyjama Suit

Finny is all about thinking out of the box! The beautiful embroidered set makes for great romantic nightwear. You can wear it just as a dress or pair it up with crepe pajamas that come with it – this is a fantastic option if you would feel more comfortable that way. No matter what you choose, Finny is bound to become a favourite in no time. Its quirky appeal makes it very popular among new brides but according to us, this should be a must have for anyone looking to kindle romance in the bedroom.

The white color is an evergreen classic that will never cease to be fashionable. Without a doubt, its unique style will help leave a lasting impression.

3. Iris Sheer Top And Shorts

Iris Sheer Top And Shorts

Sheer always works! The Iris sheer top and shorts by After Dark is a crowd favourite. It consists of an elegant pair of satin shorts and a beautiful sheer crop top. The crop top boasts an artistic touch of lace edge trimmings that is just too pretty to be missed.

It comes with straps to ensure that you enjoy a relaxed, comfortable fit. The light gold color has a calming effect and is very soothing to the eye.


4. Necklace, Embroidered Dress

Necklace, Embroidered Dress
Necklace is one of After Dark’s most popular romantic pieces. It is made of beautiful, luxe satin and features gorgeous embroidery with a pleasing colour tone.


Its flowy silhouette looks flattering on varying body types, boosting your confidence and making you feel your best in the bedroom.


5. Madonna, Lace Bodis – Night Dress & Gown


 Madonna, Lace Bodis – Night Dress & Gown

Elegant Madonna is the perfect fit for a romantic getaway or if you’re looking to celebrate a special night with your partner. It is available in a peachy blush as well as soft lemon – both are equally beautiful.  

The material used is very high quality and will feel feather soft to touch. The addition of lace net detailing subtly elevates the gown’s sensual appeal. Its flowy silhouette is perfect to help you feel relaxed and also look your best for your partner.


6. Mimosa, Embroidered Nightdress


 Mimosa, Embroidered Nightdress

Imagine wearing this beautiful nightdress and sipping mimosas with your better half. Fashioned in a stunning soft blush colour, Mimosa is a gorgeous satin dress by After Dark. It is the perfect form of luxury women nightwear cum loungewear – be it day or night. It boasts intricate two-toned hand embroidery to give it a unique and elegant appeal.

Wearing luxurious nightwear not only makes you feel good about yourself but also sets the mood right for a romantic evening with your partner. This small little effort from your end can be the key to rekindling your romance and bringing back the spark to your relationship.  


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