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Reasons Why You Must Visit Bhutan Before You Die

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Bhutan is the place, sorry! The only place in the world where you can find almost everything. In the Land of Thunder Dragon, you will get to see what you haven’t seen in your lifetime and you will not find anywhere, ancient mythical temples, stunning landscapes, colourful festivals, delicious food, fortresses, striking landscapes and its authenticity. If you tired of your day to day city and want to enjoy some moment of peace, then this is the must visit place. The beauty of isolated Himalayan Kingdom is its culture.

Reasons Why You Must Visit Bhutan Before You Die

Here are some more reasons that you need to know about Bhutan and it is not to force you but to make realize that this is such unexplored unknown ancient cultural place where every person living on earth should visit and enjoy the joy of living here at Bhutan. So why wait? Travel to Bhutan and give yourself and your family a gift that you and they will always cherish.

Cultural Legacy – Bhutan is one such country in whose soul Buddhism is deeply engraved. As you know, it is a place where you can find all the beautiful and ancient fortresses and monasteries. This is one such country which is totally driven by interesting cultural beliefs.

Rich in tradition and values: – This is the country where people live by their culture, follow their beliefs, mould their lifestyle as per the traditions and values, where people live by the environment.  Where everyone is doing their best in preserving the legacy. Here government takes all the necessary measures in order to preserve the history, culture, and rich tradition.

Natural Wonders: –  Mountain passes- dazzling with rhododendrons, flora & fauna riches, unique birds and mammals protected in several national parks, trek across the mountains and list is endless. You will never find a place where you will get to experience all these natural wonders at one place.Travel to Bhutan and Experience Bhutan’s natural wonder first-hand.

Hot spicy unique, delicious exotic food: – Oh my god! Taste the dishes of Bhutan and give your taste buds an altogether different experience. This is the country where prices are redder than chillies. Their world famous national dish Ema Datshi, is a  blend of green chillies smothered in cheese.

Gross National Happiness: – Bhutan gifts you the kind of happiness, that you will never get at any other place. This is the country that measures their prosperity level on the basis of an indicator called Gross National Happiness. Bhutan prides itself on their sustainable approach to tourism.

Visit one of the most happening historic, hospitable country across the globe now. And come to the place where you can smile all along your travel. Let the warm smiles and the ‘good byes’ (word used by Bhutanese for welcoming people) invite you the land of Land of the Thunder Dragon.

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