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Randy Benderson – Best Retail Developments Across America

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While Amazon has been making news for hastening the decline of many older, decrepit shopping centers across our nation, there are plenty of other malls for whom times haven’t been better.

These retail developments are gorgeous pieces of modern architecture, and they are filled to the brim with the latest concepts, established luxury brands, and the hottest stores.

Want to check out one of these properties soon? If there’s anyone who knows what constitutes an amazing retail project, it’s Randy Benderson.

After spending years as a developer of a number of ambitious projects, it might even be fair to say some architects have been inspired by his past designs when they put together a retail project these days.

Randy Benderson – Best Retail Developments Across America

If you are looking to get the scoop on some amazing shopping centers, checking out any one of the following malls will supply you with plenty of opportunities to spend your hard-earned money.

1) The Mall at UTC, Sarasota, FL

For starters, let’s talk about a spot in Randy’s backyard. The Mall at UTC was a retail project which made news headlines for nearly becoming a victim of the Great Recession.

It backers persevered in the end, though, as it opened in 2012, and over the past five years, it has become known as a lifestyle destination, with major restaurants like the Capital Grille and the Cheesecake Factory joining major retailers Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s.

2) The Newton, Phoenix, AZ

More people are moving to Phoenix with every passing year, as its not exactly a news scoop that Baby Boomers are less than eager to spend their golden years shoveling snow.

This development has worked out well for the retail industry, as project after retail project has sprung up to serve the ever-growing population of Phoenix.

The Newton is an example of such a retail development; while it is not a mall like the last commercial development on this list, its composure makes a trip an enjoyable experience.

Highlights include the Changing Hands Bookstore, which is the top independent bookseller in Phoenix, Southwest Gardener, a shop which helps green thumbs grow plants in this city’s arid climate, plus plenty of shops where you can get an amazing scoop or two of ice cream.

3) Hyde Park Village, Tampa Bay, FL

While many of the biggest developments over the past 50 years in retail have encapsulated shoppers within an environment closed off from the outside world, many commercial developers are opting to move in the opposite direction these days.

Hyde Park Village in Tampa Bay is a classic example of this shift in thinking, as it shirks the food courts and musty interiors of yesterday’s malls for airy courtyards with stunning fountains.

Situated over 265,000 square feet (or seven city blocks), you’ll find some of the city’s best boutiques and eateries in an environment you could easily mistake for a city park.

Worried about getting soaked by a passing thundershower? Most of Hyde Park’s pathways are shielded from the elements, so you can shop without worrying about having to suddenly scoop up your purchases and run for shelter.

Key retailers of note at this gem in Tampa Bay include Brook Brothers, Anthropologie, and Restoration Hardware, which compliment a solid lineup of independent retailers which also occupy shopfronts in this outdoor shopping development.

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