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A Quick Guide to Finding the Best New Products for Affiliates to Sell in 2019

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Affiliate marketing is easily one of the most popular forms of marketing in the current times. Although you may not become a millionaire overnight, it does make for a great passive income source for the start. If you are dedicated enough and have the grit and the will to continue with it, you may end up building your own brand and become a millionaire. However, to start with, you need the best product to promote.

So now, the crucial question is, how do you find the best affiliate product that you can promote?

Well, it’s not really the product but it’s about the product that your audience is interested in. Although it’s fairly simple, if you do not pay heed to the product selection, it can lead to low sales, low profits, and huge frustration.

Given that it’s almost always a booming market for both niche and trending products, there are always newer options to bank upon each year.

What’s So Special About Being an Affiliate Marketer?

Being one of the four biggest sources for e-commerce orders, affiliate marketing is one of the major contributors that exceed social commerce and print advertising performance. However, not every affiliate marketer makes it big, so the basic strategy to follow would be to engage your audience or be updated with the existing trends of the industry. It’s more of what actually sells than the aim.

As a part of the major marketing strategy, a lot of sellers prefer offering offers and commissions to the affiliate for promoting and selling their products and services. Whether you are a beginner to the e-commerce craze or simply looking for a passive income, choosing the right affiliate program and products should be your main focus and a sure road to success.

So, let’s explore the new best products for affiliate to sell in 2019 that can rev up your revenues.


The shapewear niche is estimated to see a boost in sales to around $5.6 billion. Fashion retailers are now offering an enhanced slimming experience with the skin fitting bodysuits that can reduce your flab up to 1 inch. You are offered a wide variety of styles that can be worn under clothing, although it’s still part of the undergarments segment.

Maternity Wears

This multi-million dollar industry is expected to grow by 2.01%in in the upcoming years. Maternity wears form a substantial part of the fashion section in the fashion and standalone stores. This section can be easily extended to baby products, baby wears, r informational products like eBooks on pregnancy and more.


Athleisure is a fashion that relates to sportswear and activewear segment. With an increased focus on health and exercise, and sports being an eternal part of life this segment is here to stay. From shoes, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports bras, capris, leggings, or tank tops to headbands, there’s so much to choose from.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a major requirement for almost all women and shaving and waxing is not such a viable option for many due to time constraints. The laser hair removal service serves the best purpose in this case and proves to be extremely useful for busy women these days.

Phone Accessories

The smartphones have replaced most of the gadgets in our life like the alarm clock, calendar, cameras, etc. and so, keeping the phones decked up becomes an utmost necessity. Therefore, the phone accessories market is a big segment now and is only evolving each year. From fandoms related covers to the ones with fancy designs, there are a lot of options for the consumers.

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Despite the several restrictions on the flying drones, these intelligent gadgets have really grown in popularity. More than being used as recreations, drones are now used for commercial purposes such as in the photography segment also.

Virtual Reality

Yes! Virtual reality is in and the companies selling the VR devices are seeing a significant rise in sales. According to experts, although VR is way ahead of the current technologies, it will still see a breakthrough in 2019.

3D Printers

With the cost of printers going down significantly, it has become very much possible for people to own the mini 3D printers. These are not just hobby tools but are rather much more useful especially in manufacturing and fabrication uses.

Portable LED Projectors

It is touted that the portable LED projectors are set to grow up to $3.44 billion USD by 2022. You can even attach some mini projectors to your phone making it easier for salespeople or for other business verticals to hold presentations. Hand help projectors or lighting effect laser projectors are also some other options to sell.


Wearable gadgets are already a popular segment since the past few years with devices like Fitbit, Samsung gear watches, and more. The health-focused devices are more popular in this category that helps monitor the health in real time for those who wear it. These watches are the perfect options for affiliates to make higher commissions when promoted.


The bag niche is worth $151 million of which handbags, purse, wallets, and backpacks form a significant portion. Along with backpacks, products like men’s and women’s bags, wallets, or totes sell like hot cake.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Security is the biggest concern across the world under different situations thus, giving rise to increased demand in security and surveillance systems. The market for this equipment is already hot and will only get hotter with time. So, this is the right time to cash on it in return to better commissions.

To be a successful affiliate you must stay updated about the current market trends for the new best products for affiliate at all times. Many times we choose the product “We” like instead of focusing on what the audience demands. So, focus on what the “Audience” likes and make way for your success.

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