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Public Transport In Europe: Money-Saving Tips

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There are many countries, where people waste their money for transport. It is time to speak about the most popular vehicles that people usually use to get from one place to another. They are also popular for European tourists. You may say that you always use taxi or bus. Nevertheless, the system of public transport is different in the different countries. For example, there are countries, where you cannot buy metro tickets for cash and it can be difficult to catch taxi. So, it is time to take transport advices about transport functioning in the biggest European countries.


Public transport is the most popular way of travelling over the city. You should remember that highly developed countries boast their well-organized infrastructure.



The most of experts consider the public transport of Germany to be the best in Europe. Berlin transport chain is almost perfect. There is metro, buses, trams and suburban trains. You can also use the chain of water buses. The transport chain works in pedantry style: all routs run like the clockwork. You can admit that the bus system is well-regulated in every German city, big or small. You can find the city map with the transport time-table for free in the touristic office. What is more, you can easily find this information on the websites of the local touristic agencies.

For example, there is Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) in Berlin. This is the popular transport company in Berlin. Its good-working applications are always available to download from the website to your Android and iOS system. Thus, transportation system is reliable and accurate.


If you want to get from one part of the country to another, it is better to use rental car service. You may hire a car in Faro, Lisbon or other big city to get where you want. If you do not need to travel all over the country, you can use public transport, especially buses and trains. So, you are offered to use high speed trains Alfa Pendular (AP) or Intercidades (IC) to have connection between Porto, Lisbon and Faro – the most beautiful attractions of Portugal. It takes you about 3 hours by bus and half of an hour by train. You can easily order the tickets to any direction beforehand from the website. By the way, you can get a good sale if you buy tickets online.


The best variant to get from Paris to Marcel is riding a train. This is the fastest way of travelling (3-4 hours) for adequate price – 120 EUR per one way ticket. If you prefer budget travelling, you may use a bus. It takes you about 120 EUR. You should spend time about 11-14 hours.

New York City Bus


As a rule, traditional taxi costs much in Europe. It is better to call for taxi from the mobile applications. For example, Uber works in more than 600 cities of the world. You are offered to use a lot of different helpful services. Thus, you can call for a good electro car for a good price. You can also hire a boat or ship! It is very interesting! This transport is especially good for Venice or Croatia. By the way, you can call for a bike in India or Thailand. If you already have Uber on your phone, you can use it in any other country.


Bicycles are very popular vehicles in Europe. This is the most ecologic way of travelling. This is also a good opportunity to travel from one city to another.

Public Bicycle Schemes


Travelling by bicycle is the safest way of travelling in Europe. The city government takes care of transport infrastructure: road signs, light bars, cycle lanes. Amsterdam is named the bicycle capital of the country. All bikers learn the road rules. Your vehicle must be correctly equipped. So, if you want to travel over the city by bicycle, it is better to rent it right here, in the city to keep all necessary requirements. You can rent a car at the metro station or bus stops. You should buy the season ticket first. It is cheap. So, if you are planning to stay in the country for long, you can buy the season ticket. The price for bicycle rent is 3,85 EUR per day.


There are many countries, where you can hire a car for good price. If you really want to travel by car, you should use online services to get it for cheaper price. Choosing the right company, you’d better to pay attention to all rent rules. Never forget your id card, passport, credit card and international driving license. Never try to save money from the car insurance. It helps to solve many different problems on the road. Be ready to pay with your credit card or cash.



Rental car services in Spain are available for all citizens after 21 year. It is better to make a plan of your journey and plan your budget. Keep in mind that the working time of the foreign companies differs from the working time in your country. For example, there are countries, where rental services do not work on weekend. It is not difficult to give the car back, even if you have to do it at night or early morning. If the company does not work at that time when you have to leave, you may bring back the car to the company parking place and put the key into the special box. If something wrong with the car, you have to pay fee.

There are many nuances for different countries and different kinds of transport. You may use any transport you like in order to feel great while you are travelling all over the city, country. Try to think over the transporting question beforehand to avoid all hidden stones and problem situations like wrong car, wrong price or failed parking place. Be careful! Remember that different countries have their own transport habits.

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