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PT (Positive Technology) Security Through Web Firewall Application

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Protecting computer system software is a big challenge nowadays. Cybersecurity or PT (Positive Security) has provided protection to the system applications and software from damage, disruption, theft, and misdirection. System security is getting more and more important as the internet is reaching every sector of society and it is necessary to protect our data and information from getting misused. To get the best security measures, you can visit

The applications of your business may contain important data, codes and credit cards of your customers and much more. It is possible that this information and data can get leaked by any error and it is such a small cause that it can be mistakenly unseen, very easily. So, in order to protect the data of your company and clients, you probably need WAF which will cage all the potential information in your network. You can also customize the settings according to your preferences like high-security signatures and firewall on credit card data.

How did firewall application work?

It acts as an excellent tool for securing APIs, web applications, users and infrastructure from cyber-attacks. It blocks the path of data transfer after detecting the danger from other devices or URL. Its installation in system ensures complete and continuous security to system applications.

It is an extraordinary tool which predicts the attack before it can harm the system. It is programmed with multiple artificial intelligence based technologies which remove the attacks which were not even experienced before.

Extensive automatic and flexible features help to increase the speed even at the time of updating an emergency. It is very helpful in protecting from XSS and DDoS attacks. For spotting APTs (Advanced Persistent Threat), it carries a special correlation mechanisms chain of a network.

It is integrated with PT inspectors and system security scanners which can instantly prevent vulnerabilities and errors in CMS configurations and web servers. They provide security for busiest and most complex applications by compressing, catching, aggregating and handling data traffic which helps in smoothing the workflow.

Different PT deployment options

They provide granular settings and data masking for protecting data. It can easily integrate into any infrastructure as they can be deployed into any physical hardware VMware Sphere in hardware devices and virtual machines. Microsoft Azure takes one click from Azure Marketplace for deploying the web app.

It is a useful tool or application for minimizing data traffic prices through SAAS(Software as a Service)and can be used as a third party between client and server through IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). They excellently support autonomous, inline and monitoring modes and are very useful in generating reports and managing product configurations about attacks.

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