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Prosthetic Hand: The Ultimate Gift Of Technology

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Accidents and misfortunes often results in an inability in the body. this may prevent  you from doing certain activities and living the life in a normal manner. A prosthesis in such a situation comes as a boon for the unfortunate.

  • Prosthetic body parts help individuals to resume their normal lives and for them who are born with a certain disability to enjoy as much as possible. Therefore there is a need that scientific innovators work towards making improvements in the prosthetic body parts.
  • One such improvement that has been achieved. Now the prosthetic hand that you might be using will tell what it is touching. As a normal human being we indulge in many activities that require us to touch the things so as to know exactly what are they.

Prosthetic Hand: The Ultimate Gift Of Technology

For example, a the difference between the paper and a piece of cloth is not much. We touch to determine that the difference between the two.

  • The prosthetic arm is developed by the researchers of the  U.S. military research arm. That is the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, who implanted small electrodes to the brain of a paralyzed human being. The electrodes were implanted in the region of the brain that controls the movement. With the help of the wires and brain’s motor cortex the subject, or the human being was able to move the prosthetic arm through a range of motions.

These innovative steps  in the field of the prosthesis have been the steps that can be taken to make the lives of amputated people better.  Prosthetic hands have the following benefits for the amputated.:

1. It helps them in their movement

Prosthetic hand help the body to gain its natural movement. When the body loses a body part, it begins to make an alteration in the movement in order to fit the new design. This is due to the reason that the body has to maintain so that we do not fall.

2. It helps in relieving stress

When you are alone at home, your prosthetic arm will not let you feel that it your are not capable of handling the chores on your own. This is the simplest explanation for the importance that a prosthetic hand will play in your life. Activities like holding, picking and lifting are possible for you with a prosthetic hand. Thus, there is a reduction in stress for you as you will not be looking for help anymore or taking an obligation by requesting them to do a job for you.

3. It helps you to Determine the strength you need to apply

When touching an object, you may not be able to determine the amount of force you need to apply to hold it, crush it or lift it. With an electronically operated prosthetic arm, you have the advantage to measure the amount strength that you need to put in to perform an action.


The prosthesis is another example that of technology that is serving to make the lives of human beings better. Prosthetic hand make you capable of performing daily functions without ever feeling the need for a real arm.

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