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Pros and Cons – Detailed Comparison Between Oral and Injectable Steroids

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The use of anabolic steroids is often debated especially in the athlete community. Steroids definitely help in building the body suitably by gaining more muscle mass as per the athletic standards.

When it comes to the choice between oral vs. injectable steroids, there are diverse opinions. Here is the list of pros and cons of both forms of steroids to make an informed choice. You can also visit for the list of options for both forms of steroids

Pros and Cons - Detailed Comparison Between Oral and Injectable Steroids

Oral Steroids

These are the steroids, which are usually taken in the form of pills, tablets or small liquid suspensions. Some common examples of oral steroids include Anadrol, Dianabol, and Halotestin among other available options.

Pros of Oral Steroids

  • Quick and immediate results.
  • Easy to take in the form of pills and tablets.

Cons of Oral Steroids

  • Expensive as compared to their Injectable counterparts.
  • Have toxic effects on the liver.
  • Many side effects like high blood pressure, bloating and headaches.
  • Require daily doses either at once or broken down into smaller multiple doses.

Injectable Steroids

These are the ones which are taken in the form of injection intravenously (injected directly into the veins) or through muscle root. Some popular examples of Injectable steroids include Trenbolone, Durabolin, and Winstrol.

Pros of Injectable Steroids

  • Not harmful for liver
  • Less expensive
  • Effective in long run for gaining strength and body mass
  • Require less frequent dosing as compared to oral steroids

Cons of Injectable Steroids

  • Takes longer time to show results.
  • Relatively painful to take as compared to oral steroids

Both oral and injectable steroids have their definite pros and cons, the choice should depend on the fair comparison. Many athletes prefer to time the intake of both these steroids in a cycle.

For instance: due to immediate and quick effects of oral steroids, they begin with them and later switch to Injectable ones mainly to avoid side effects and gain long-term positive effects like lean and strong muscles and body. Also, injectable steroids are known to increase the libido as opposed to oral counterparts.

Although the pros of Injectable steroids outweigh the oral steroids, it is all about understanding the need of your body and managing the timing of both effectively and strategically. Injectable steroids definitely have an edge with better long term effects, but that does not necessarily mean that they will help in gaining quick results of oral steroids in an easy to take form.

Steroid cycle planning, thus, becomes very important after considering all the important factors like what is your end goal? Is it adding muscle mass over a long time or losing fat quickly? Contemplating such questions makes choices easier.

For example, injectable steroids are better for the first case when the goal is to add muscle mass in the long run whereas oral steroids make the good choice in the later case. Weigh both sides of these steroids and plan purposefully before making your choice.

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