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Professional Shopper: New Style and New Opportunities In Italy

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Want to shop in Italy! One says that this is a big dream to shop in Italy. The others say that this is a regularly practice for them. Everything is clear. The most of the world popular brands came from Italy. So, if you want to buy something special, fashioned and true Italian for prices, lower than Europeans, you should go to Italy! Nevertheless, if you want to have a good rest but not only a good shop, it is better to avoid shopping tours and go travelling on your own to visit Milan, Rome, Venice and other cities. Otherwise, you need to hire a professional shopper that helps to save your time and money!

What kind of business is being shopper in Italy? If you know the most of places for good shopping in Italy, you may be a shopper. Do you know that there is one of the best Italian shops with the wide assortment and high class service in Catania? Just hire a car in Catania and take your client to have the most exciting shopping ever! You must be a good shopper!


3 Reasons to Make Shopper’s Business Successful

You want to have you clothes details stylistically consistent with each other.

You want to get the shopper’s sale for all purchases.

You want to have one day shopping for not to waste time.

Anyway, making purchases with shopper is exiting and interesting.

You Are Good Shopper If…

You can buy things according to the clients’ needs, life rhythm, character, habits, modern clothes tendencies. Shopping with personal shopper is a strong guarantee that your client will buy those things that make him or her better. You can also give a competent image consultation while you are at shopping. These must not be boring lections on style, color and image making but impressive result.

The main thing is shopper’s services are available for all and everyone, but not only for Hollywood starts. The shopper’s clients may be people of different budget and social position. They come to Italy for holidays or shopping weekend. The most of people know that all they need to spend time wisely is hiring a professional shopper.

Shopper’s business is not only the walking down the street and a couple of shops. This is a hard work to get interesting and stylish clothes for everyday use and special occasions. All suit sets complement one another to be the greatest combinations and modern solutions. Every new accessory is important. So, the most of clients spend their time for nothing to come back home with no shopping attractions. They can use your services instead and spend time wisely. It does not matter what is the budget of shopping: 3000 EUR, 5000 EUR or 20 000 EUR. You teach people to spend money with pleasure and profit.

People will trust you to enjoy the process of shopping and get the high quality result:

Wise money;

Functional clothes;

Good mood and exciting holidays!

Girls in colorful skirts

Season Sales in Italy! All Shoppers Need It!

Italy is famous of its sales, so-called Sconti. There are winter and summer sales. The winter sales start from January 6-7 for all Italian cities. The summer sales start from July 7-10 till the end of August. The dates of sales are officially defined and announced. This is a great opportunity to buy all the best from Italian fashion from such world popular brands as Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Miu Miu, Valentino and others for sale.

Best Shopping Places

The shopping geography divides Italy into 3 parts:

North – Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna;

Center – Rome, Rimini;

South – Naples, Sicily, Sardinia.

All big cities have boutiques with the last fashion collections. The assortment varies depending on the country region (the most brilliant things are sold in the North). The price for clothes may be high because of many tourists. You can catch 30-50% sales in the boutiques in the sales period and for honorable clients. There are no sales for tourists in the boutiques. So, the shopper’s service is near at hand!


Places to shop:

Rome – Spanish Square, Via dei Condotti and neighboring territory;

Milan – fashionable triangle between the streets of Monte Napoleone, and Via Della;

Venice – San Marco Square and neighboring territory;

Naples – Amadeo Square and neighboring streets.

It is important to remember that shops in Italy work from9-10 a.m. till 7-8 p.m., excluding big shopping malls. The most of the shopping malls are closed on Sundays and Mondays. So, it is better to go to shop on weekday, when the shops are free from tourists and Italians.

Italian Sales Specific

It is said that sales are effective just if you visit Italy during the first sales week. If you are going to shop later, it would be difficult to find proper model, color and price. You are wrong! Of course, the first sales week gather together the thousands of visitors in the Italian shops. If the sales are big, you can meet policemen at the door. The sales are not big at the beginning! From the other side, if you want to buy something unique and special, it is better to come at the beginning of the sales period.


It is also must said that it would be really difficult to get comfortable shopping because of big crowds in the shops. If you do not want to stand a long line, you may buy clothes with no trying. Think of personal shopper! This person takes you to visit exclusive boutiques and secret little shops where Italians dress. A good shopper is your chance to get the biggest sale. You are no a tourist anymore, but shopper’s clients. You spend minimum time for shopping and much time for rest and attractions. The sales in Italy must be hot this year! Are you ready for shopping? It is better to find a good experienced shopper and trust him.

Have a nice shopping and profitable business! Make shopping you work or hobby!

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