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Privatization Of Education and Its Consequences

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A couple of decades ago, everyone wanted to and had to study in governmental institutes. Now the time has been quite changed. The privatization of education has adopted by the states all over the world and also fully supported by inter- governmental organizations, transitional corporations as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). The private educational institutes are fully operated all in every state of the world. Now the continuous privatization of education is leading towards social inequality as well as a un-even distribution of educational opportunities.

Now in this contemporary world, education is no longer under the control of the governments or the states, which alarmingly creating insecurities among the poor communities who don’t afford the heavy dues for the sake of getting higher education for their bright future. Plenty of private schools, colleges and universities are operating in the name of education.

Now education has gained the shape of an industry, in which a person can invest and can generate huge amount of revenue resultantly. The very common argument we have heard about the privatization of education is to manage the burden on governments regarding facilitating education responsibilities in the general public. The question arises, is it possible for stakeholders to provide equal distribution of education among each and every community without making discriminations.

Privatization Of Education and Its Consequences


Developed and under developing countries, there is serious problems are emerging in the mind of the parents in decision making that which school is the best choice for their young kids. The content and teaching methods are very complex concern among the students just because of plenty of option of private school and colleges in the country.

The privatization of education is the greatest reason behind the unequal distribution of education. Every country has low-income peoples in the shape of labors, drivers, servants, and many other communities which cannot afford to put their kids in private schools which demand heavy dues. So we can say that privatization is the biggest factor causing lack of opportunities for whom, don’t afford to get the education.

No doubt the privatization of education has now become a trend in the whole world; no doubt it may manage the burden of governments to provide educational facilities to the general public. The privatization of education policies provides funds and administration, but it does make a difference until these funds and administration enable to produce a generation of the educated workforce for the betterment of the states. The privatization of education results has to lack with the production of sustaining the communities, building the social cohesion and ensuring some particular measures of social solidarity.

The stakeholders who invested in the privatization of education don’t bother the economic interest of the country of the state; they always tend towards generating revenue for their own sake at any cost. So in an education system, priority is creating a well-groomed and well-educated workforce for the betterment of their future. On the other hand, the private stakeholders don’t bother the future generations benefit; they just want revenue rather than building sober generations.

Addison is a journalist and social media experientialist and blogger at TheOneSpy Blog. He is passionate write technology and contributes towards education matter and social issues. To know more about him follow twitter @addisonalbert55

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