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Private Health Screening Harley Street

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Private health screening performed at clinics on Harley Street and other locations have come under recent government scrutiny because the original concept was to reduce the work load of general practitioners but the reality of private health screenings has been an increased number of visits to doctors after a person has received the results of a private health screening.

Private Health Screening Harley Street

There is documented evidence that private health screenings performed on Harley Street or any other clinics do not directly lead to advising a patient to see the services of a general practitioner or a specialist. There are naturally advantages and disadvantages to private health screenings.

Most private health screenings are not covered by the National Health. You can pay as much as £2,000 for the full range of medical tests and assessments that are available. The advantage is that you do not have to take the full range of tests and can pick and choose the tests that are appropriate for any medical concerns that you may have.

One major advantage of private health screenings is that the information is truly kept private. The physicians and technologists that do the tests are required by law to keep the results completely confidential. This provides the patient with protection from retaliation at work that might result in job loss and can protect a person that has a sexually transmitted disease from having the results appear in the Daily Mail or in their spouse’s mail.

One of the advantages of a private health screening is that you can see a licensed and competent general practitioner when you want to. The waiting time is minimal compared to the waiting time for the National Health.

The range of tests that private health screening in Harley Street can provide is comprehensive. You can get a complete blood work, pregnancy tests, hormone profile, cholesterol test, and tests for any sexually transmitted disease. The results are provided much faster than the National Health because many of the facilities have their own laboratories.

Private health screening also provides a roster of health benefits for corporations and business people. Country specific inoculations, pre-employment health testing, and corporate executive health monitoring are provided.

The majority of Harley Street health screening facilities such as also provide therapy at the site. Therapies for smoking cessation, bereavement, stress, eating disorders, obesity, depression, and phobias are available and the results are absolutely private.

The level of sophistication of the testing and test equipment include MRI, X-ray, CAT scan, electrocardiograph, and electroencephalogram. The tests provide screening for cancer, heart disease, the potential for stoke, and kidney disease.

The majority of people in Britain do not take care of their health as well as they need to. The high rate of being overweight or obese in Britain is one of the major factors for concern for the health of all people in the country as well as an overburdening of the health care system.

Private health screenings provide a convenient means to provide people with peace of mind. You need to know if there is a problem so that the proper therapy can begin as early as possible so you do not suffer the full effects of any health problem that you may have. Many of the most prominent factors that produce poor health like obesity and smoking can be addressed with a change in life style.

Private health screenings let you know if you have a health problem so that you can see a specialist or general practitioner to being treatment. The convenience of scheduling, the speed of results from tests, the range of tests, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing what to do outweigh the costs.

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