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Preventing A Healthcare Meltdown

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Politicians, doctors, and insurance companies have this idea Americans should pay entirely too much to get oh-so little in return. Yet, despite how healthcare policies happen to be rammed through congress, it is hard to escape the fact that at the current rate of overspending, such a reckless course cannot be sustained forever. At the rate type two diabetes is progressing in the population of America alone, trying to solve such medical issues with more overspending will bankrupt not only healthcare, but drag the rest of America down with it. As with a disease like ebola, the best way to prevent a healthcare meltdown is to prevent overspending. One can gain a sense of how bad the situation truly is by imagining that overspending is like cancer. At first, when you have lots of money to waste, it seems like things are going to be okay. Before long, the cancer of overspending eats into your reserve-funds, and it is at that point that healthcare as American’s know it is finished. Insurance companies can not fund medical procedures out of thin air, and doctors will not work for free.

Preventing A Healthcare Meltdown

How Preventative Medicine Prevents Overspending.

When it becomes evident that conditions like type two diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, the number one killer, are all preventable, it becomes hard to turn a blind-eye to such a reality. Why spend so much money trying to cure something that is far cheaper to prevent in the first place? Today these medical conditions persist at epidemic levels; yet, none of these conditions need to cost so much to prevent and cure in the vast majority of people with these health issues. According to an article by Diet Heart Publishing, around the turn of the century, the epidemic of heart disease was clearly no where close to what it is today. It begs the question of what changed over the years since that time. Was it that congress was pushing to spend more on healthcare than today? Clearly, the answer is a resounding, “No!” Did the people around the turn of the century have better hospital equipment or more advanced medications? Again, the answer is a resounding, “No!”

Getting Better Results For A Lower Price

While everyone today is afraid that eating real butter and other forms of saturated fats are bad, people around the turn of the century consumed more saturated fats than we do today; yet, their heart disease rate was a lot less. They also moved around more and did not consume all the artificial sweeteners that we exist on today. Strangely enough, their levels of obesity and type two diabetes were decreased also. It is almost embarrassing to be forced to acknowledge that people that lived during a more medically primitive time in history were able to get healthier results than modern medicine seems to be getting in these same areas. This should open America’s eyes to the reality that better results come from better preventative measures, not from wasteful spending. When people exercise more, eat more healthy saturated fats, and avoid sugar there is an amazing transition in their overall health that becomes increasingly difficult to ignore.

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