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Portable Evaporative Cooling Systems – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Portable evaporative cooling can be understood with the help of the following the scenario where one stands outside, sweaty and miserable. Whether you own a small office or a large industrial estate, you can install an evaporative cooling system during the summer months, to make your clients and customers happy, when they enter your commercial premises. You can install the same in your home also. When you have perishable items and things that need to be cooled, you need a portable evaporative cooling system for your stores also, for instance if you have a confectionery.

Portable Evaporative Cooling Systems – Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The portable evaporative coolers cool the humid air with the help of evaporation. This cooled air is then blown into a home or a building. Evaporative cooling circulates air only through a certain designated area.
  • Also, it uses less energy to cool a place as compared to a central air conditioning system. Hence, it is the cheapest method to cool a house. The portable ones are easy to install and cheap.

In portable evaporative cooling, hot and dry air is passed through a medium which is wet, like a pad or a wick. Water cools this dry and hot air. It is then followed by evaporation, and a fan then blows this cool air into the room. No bulky hoses are needed since one adds the water himself. Using freezing water or ice can help in lowering the temperature even further.

Advantages of evaporative cooling:

  • There are many advantages of Evaporative cooling systems. As compared to a standard air conditioner, they use up to seventy-five percent less electricity. In hot desert climate, this leads to significant savings.
  • Since they do not utilize refrigerants like HCFCs and CFCs for the process of cooling, there is no greenhouse gas emission. Hence, there is no harming of the environment.
  • Not much repair is required. The technology used is quite simple, and less working parts are used. You can do the minimum repairing all by yourself, when you do not need to hire a professional.
  • Unlike a standard air conditioner, these coolers work on one hundred and twenty volts of electricity, hence do not need high amperage circuits. This means any household outlet can be used for plugging.
  • Filtering of air is done efficiently. Moist pads are used for the process of cooling, which prove to be very good filters of air. They can trap pollen and dust effectively. As compared to the filters of air conditioners, they are very cheap to replace.
  • They help in adding moisture in the house naturally. These prevent any kind of skin problems for the occupant of the house, and also keep the furniture and the fabrics intact and fresh.
  • They do not need any ductwork. Since they can easily fit in a window, no ductwork is required for distributing the air. Very little installation is required to place smaller units on the window.


  • Humid climate is not suitable for the working of evaporative cooling systems. They can work with full efficiency in dry climates. The efficiency of these coolers decreases as the amount of moisture in the air increase. Moisture present in the air can cause corrosion and condensation.
  • Some attention is needed by these kinds of coolers. It is essential to moist the moisture pads in the coolers with water. The cooler will not work in full capacity if the pads are dry.

There is a new type of evaporative coolers in the market that utilize photovoltaic panels for creating the electricity needed to run the water pump and blower. Since these use less energy as compared to air conditioners, enough energy can be provided by the PV cells to effectively run the system.

If you would like to know more about evaporative cooling systems, then go through this link to get more information.

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