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Picking The Right Mini Cab Firm

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Never underestimate the importance of booking the right mini cab service. Reliability is key, whether you are after a ride home late at night or a car to take you and your luggage to the airport; or if you need a transport lifeline to get you to the shops or the doctor. Regular customers can also benefit from establishing good relationships with the drivers too. You may need a mini cab for:

Picking The Right Mini Cab Firm

So, what should you look for when choosing a taxi service?


Never book a cab with an unlicensed firm, as this could mean that they aren’t covered by insurance, or that they are employing less than competent drivers. All reputable mini cab businesses are licensed by their local authority. Requirements for licensing vary, but some of the basics include having cars that are suitable for carrying passengers, supplying proof of ownership of those cars and making sure they are regularly serviced and well maintained. The authorities will also need to see the driving licences of all drivers working for the business. Once in receipt of a bona fide licence, the company must display the licence number on all the cabs for easy checking.

Word of Mouth

Recommendations and word of mouth are often the perfect way to find a decent mini cab service. Ask at supermarkets and doctor’s surgeries to discover which services are used regularly by their clientele. Ask local friends and neighbours which companies they use too. You will find that most people have come across companies that have offered them either very bad or very good service and are happy to tell the ones they use, and the ones you should avoid.


If you’re planning a long journey, make sure to agree a cost with the mini cab company in advance. Most reliable firms will have pre-fixed prices for trips to places such as the city centre or airport. If you agree this price before you set off, you won’t get any nasty surprises at the end. For shorter journeys, ask for an estimate, and establish in advance whether there are any additional charges e.g. driving after dark or entering any congestion charge areas or toll roads.

Gut Instinct

Make sure you feel comfortable with your driver before you set off. You are under no obligation to get into the car with him or her if you feel uneasy; you can send them away and book another if necessary. If you are nervous about the journey, have someone accompany you, or tell a friend or relative when you leave and give them the registration number of the mini cab. Call them on your arrival.

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