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Pallavi Chhelavda Talks On Vaastu Tips For Bedroom

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The bedroom has an important place in human life. It is a room for relaxation, privacy and for mental peace. Here people sleep at night to gain fresh energy for the next day’s struggle of life. Pallavi Chhelavda, the eminent Vaastu consultant says that nobody can disagree the need to make bedroom Vaastu compliant.

The bedroom has a higher priority in Vaastu philosophy. Vaastu Shastra decided the shape of the bedrooms square or rectangular. For rectangular shaped bedroom, the Vaastu prefers breadth of the room double the length. A house may have multiple bedrooms depending on the number and ages of the family members. For a nuclear family, the number generally varies from single or double.

Pallavi Chhelavda Talks On Vaastu Tips For Bedroom

Vaastu tips for the bedroom are enumerated below:

The location of the bedrooms should always at the south-west corner of the house. One bedroom should be exclusively used by the head of the family and to be named as the master room.

The south or west wall is the preferable locations of the bed of the master bedroom so as the head of the person remains towards south or west while sleeping.

According to Vaastu Shastra the benefits of the sleeping style of the occupants are:

Leg position

–    towards east produce fame, wealth and regards

–    towards west benefits of mental peace and spiritualism

–    towards north makes a person prosperous.

–   towards the south is not recommended as it is unhealthy. This will produce disturbed sleep, bad dreams, ill thought of mind, chest heaviness etc.

  • Location of bed otherwise is not suitable and not recommended by Vaastu.
  • As per Vaastu master bedrooms should be always used by the married couple.
  • north-west is suitable for locating attached bath.
  • A face of the bathroom should not be located towards the bed and its door shall always keep closed.
  • Entry to the master bedroom should always from east, west and north directions. Entrance from south wall is restricted.
  • A door of the bedroom should always be single shutter and should always be in open condition without creating noise.
  • Bedroom windows should be located in east and north directions.
  • Master bedroom’s south-west corners should always be occupied by furniture
  • South-west corner is best location for placing wardrobes, shelves or cupboards
  • Placement of safe is forbidden in bedrooms.
  • Dressing tables should be placed on the north-eastern wall.
  • Mirror in a bedroom if placed should be located in such a way that none of the body parts of the occupants in sleeping condition is visible.
  • Placement of electronic gadgets like TV, PC or Laptop is forbidden.
  • Beautiful and pleasant paintings are to be fixed on the wall in such a way that it can be visible by someone entering the room.
  • As per Pallavi Chhelavda that Vaastu bedroom tips strictly forbid placement of plant, fish aquarium or any other living creature in a bedroom.
  • Children should occupy their bedroom located on the western side.
  • Vaastu recommends bedroom at an eastern side to be occupied by married children or guest.

In the bedroom, child’s head should be towards an east or south direction. A bed should be laid accordingly. Vaastu advises that bedroom should not be located in the south-east direction of the building as it produces unnecessary quarrels between husband and wife. Location of the bedroom at the center of the house is to be avoided.

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