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Palace On Wheels: What To Expect From Luxury Train Travel In India

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From the awe inspiring natural settings to the grandeur of the royals, from the vibrance of the deserts to the delectable cuisines, there are lot many ways and excuses to spend a luxury vacation at India. But what beats the rest is a trip over Palace on Wheels.

Right out of the royal pages, this train is a perfect epitome of Rajput grandeur and sophistication. Let us checkout some of the ways in which Palace on Wheels fulfil the tourist’s dream of a perfect vacation.

Palace On Wheels: What To Expect From Luxury Train Travel In India

Though on a holiday, most of the times we expect the same ease and comfort of our homes. Palace on Wheels makes you feel at home with its plush, private suites and attached bathrooms. There are some of the key facilities of a life on Palace on Wheels.

  • Air conditioned rooms
  • The fresh and soft bed linens
  • The aroma of exotic roses and
  • The availability of running hot and cold water
  • Facilities of TVs, newspapers and streaming music

Treatment Like a Monarch

Palace On Wheels: What To Expect From Luxury Train Travel In India

Palace on Wheels has a regal air as the guests set their feet on the red carpet of the train they go back in the golden age of Rajasthan and enjoy

  • Welcome like a Maharaja or Maharani with tilak, garland and welcome drinks.
  • Fulfilment of all requirements within minutes with the availability of 24*7 attendants.
  • Suites equipped with antique furniture and panoramic windows to help view the changing landscape.
  • Rides through forts, palaces and deserts on decked up elephants and camels.
  • Trip through the cities in air conditioned cabs and guides well versed in English to help understand all the sites.
  • Breakfast, lunch or evening snacks with royal families and knowing about the gallant deeds of their ancestors.

Have a Heart Filled Buffet

Life on Palace on Wheels is just not about staying and exploring like a king but also transforming the eating habits. There are couple of dining cars on the train which are decorated aesthetically and are known to provide lip smacking cuisines just not from Rajasthan but from around the world.

There is a well stocked bar where you can sip some of the tastiest drinks of the world, get high with friends and spend some relaxing moments.

Just Sit and Relax?

Not in a mood to do anything? Just looking for some solitude? The sitting lounge of Palace on Wheels is the exact place where you ought to be. The decent decor of the lounge, with wall hangings, ancient paintings and flower pots all around, it is a peaceful environment. Palace on Wheels has a big library where you can get some of the rare books on Rajasthani culture and customs to other books on different subjects.

Rejuvenate at the Car SPA

Tired from the travel? The newest addition to Palace on Wheels is a Ayurveda SPA. Pamper yourself with a wide range of massages offered by experts. The sim light, the aroma of incense and natural oils creates a soothing ambience to forget all stress and worries at least for sometime.

So why wait to indulge in opulence? Be it your honeymoon, second honeymoon, a special conference meet or might be your wedding, add luxury to your life with Palace on Wheels. Contact with the travel agency of Palace on Wheels and plan your trip now!

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