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Online Marketing Trends Dominating 2015

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The landscape of digital marketing is ever evolving, and marketers are shifting their strategies on the run. They put an effort to adapt to the technological advances and feel the pulse of the customers. Smart marketing makes the most of trends like mobile optimization and makes sure that content is distributed via the right channels. If you fail to keep the pace, somebody else will be quick and happy to overtake you.

Let’s Socialize

Just a while ago, marketers had limited options when it came to social media networks available for marketing campaigns.  Today, however, there is a myriad of options to explore, including the booming social networking sites such as Tumblr and Instagram. Using multiple fertile channels, businesses can build an audience like never before.

These networks also allow companies to receive a valuable feedback, sometimes in the form of likes, shares and comments. These social signals are important for search engines, as companies like Google take these stamps of approval into account, striving to treat users with relevant and high-quality content.

Such content is the most effective way to earn the trust of the customers and establish a company’s authority, but, it’s not easy to come by. Also, inbound techniques of content marketing strategies are necessary for the struggles of many SEO specialists to increase brand awareness and the potential reach. In this article from Online Marketing Gurus, we come across several crucial insights about the content marketing, some of which we will discuss.

Dust in the Wind

In a visually abundant marketing realm, words sometimes don’t hit the mark with accuracy that images do. Customers have shorter attention spans and social media sites like Pinterest and BuzzFeed have shown the full potential of image-related content. Furthermore, blog posts that are backed up by eye-catching pictures have better chances of sparking attention producing results. Having said all that, it’s not like written content will go out of fashion soon.

Also, note that the sheer number of marketing messages coming from all sides can put some customers off. With this constant barrage of overwhelming ads and information, what people value the most is a simple and well-thought message.  You could rant in a corporate fashion for ours and show somebody a ton of slides, and still end up eating dust of the competition that offers simplicity.

Mobile and Smart

Online and mobile platforms are stealing the show from traditional media. New generations seem to be born with a smartphone in their hands, and adults are no strangers to these gadgets as well. Mobile-based content is becoming more and more important, and customers seek smooth and solid online experience they can bring with them anywhere they go. Some would say this is already old news, and a bulk of big businesses has taken advantage of this trend indeed. The rise of apps that can be used in every aspect of a business is also gaining momentum.

There are some other, less visible trends that could prove to be a game changer. Ad re-targeting marketing strategy, for example, involves browser cookies that reappear on the next site once visitors leave the original one. Marketers are using this tactic to remind them of the product, since only a small percentage of initial visits lead to the actual sale- a meager 2%.

On the Future Frontier

The exciting marketing year of 2015 has proven that engaging and original content is the jewel in the crown, shining even brighter with image-centric ornaments carved in.  Marketing messages must also involve a great deal of human-speak, as well as interactive and visual content to serve the purpose. Simplicity is often a way to go, and uncluttered and clean content always does the trick.

The diversification of channels and opportunities for marketing campaigns has already spurred numerous benefits for businesses. Sometimes even a brief but reoccurring exposure to the brand logo and name is enough to build loyalty and trust.  Marketers are all in the same boat on a stormy and choppy ocean, but a keen eye can spot that every cloud on the digital horizon has a silver lining.

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