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Notable Trends In Social Media Marketing

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Marketing on the social media – are you doing it right?

Are you not getting the results that you wanted out of your social media marketing campaign? It’s likely that you’ve missed a couple of notable trends that are well worth keeping tabs on in order to effectively market your business in social network. In this piece, we’ll take a look at a few of these trends that are well worth emulating if only to maximise the results that you’re getting marketing on social media. Let’s get right to it!

Now days social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an integral part of people’s lives. A lot of people check the social network accounts they frequent before going to bed and first thing in the morning not to mention some random times throughout the day. Thus if you have a business that you’d like to promote then it’s obvious that this is the place where you ought to spend most of your marketing. Unfortunately, you can bet that competitors have the same idea and you’ll need all the advantage that you can get to attract more customers and create business across social networks. You can start by making sure you bring your business up to speed with recent trends that are proven to help you gain some ground in your social media marketing campaign.

So what exactly are these trends?

Indeed there are several trends towards effectively marketing your business using social media uncovered by reputable social media marketing service providers like “Think Big Online”. You’d do well to keep the following in mind as it applies to nearly every form of social media marketing. Let’s get right to it:

Visual is King

If your idea of social media marketing is regularly sending out as many promotional text as you can on whatever social networks you fancy then don’t be surprised if your efforts go unnoticed. People are exposed to a ton of visual presentations on social media; to get noticed, businesses need to come up with something visually appealing which active social network users absolutely love and are more likely to share within their own social circle.

Leverage paid promotions

With so many businesses out there marketing on any given social network, you’ll need all the advantages you can get. One such advantage is to consider paid promotions. Gone were the days when you can rely on organic results and not have to pay a cent on advertising fees. Now days you’ve got to pay to broaden your reach and as long as you’re smart about it, such an investment is bound to pay off.

Tap into your base of millennial users

Did you know that a big chunk of active social media users are actually made up by the millennial (Generation Y or people who’ve reached young adulthood around the year 2000). Hence you’d want to make sure that you target these people in your demographics (but only when appropriate). What are the content that these people want to see and likely to share on their social network?

Get social proof

Social proof is what makes social media such a powerful marketing platform and you’d do well to remember it. More people prefer to buy online from business that already have a good following on social networks that they frequent. Thus it’s a good idea to invest a good deal of your time and resources obtaining reviews by people who’ve engaged your business in one way or another. If you want your business to grow and establish a profitable presence on social networks then you’ll need a lot of positive reviews to fuel such a growth.

Don’t forget to link your own website

Businesses often get to engrossed promoting their social network accounts that they forget to link out to their own business web page. Laugh if you will but it can happen and you may not even realise it. Remember that your goal is to promote your own website and not the social network. Thus you’d want to make sure that you encourage people to visit your website and not unintentionally limit your business to the social network unless you really have to (some social networks don’t allow this or caution users from following a link to an outside web page). Invest in creating interesting and visually appealing content but always leave a trail for people to follow you to your website and check out whatever product or service you offer.

Would you like to learn more? Trends come and go and you’d do well to keep pace with any changes in the social media marketing scene. Regularly check reputable websites like ; these social media management firms can help you with everything you need when it comes to marketing your business across a number of profitable social networks out there.

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