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With ten easy exercises that can be trickled in throughout the day, or done consecutively for a more intense workout, a full body toning plan can sculpt the form.

Focussing on key muscle groups, technique and breathing, the athlete can tone the form to its ideal condition.


Using whatever weight best suits the athlete, items from around the house may be employed in executing these curls.

Whether it be soup cans or heavy books, keep a good grip on the item itself and complete curls, bringing the outstretched arm upwards and back down slowly. These are typically done in sets of eight with amount of sets increasing over time.


A much used muscle that chisels the form, triceps can be easily exercised by finding a firm chair and, facing away from it, gripping the seat of the chair with the palms.

Using the arms to carry down and back up the weight of the athlete is a practical and intense triceps exercise. This too, should be done in increasing sets of eight repetitions.


This too, is an easy muscle to engage. Find an easy-to-grip weight. Both arms behind the athletes back, using both hands the weight is brought upwards and back down. Sets have twenty-five repetitions as the deltoids get exercised.


Two core exercises work together to strengthen and stretch, preventing back strain. The first prong of the approach is sit-ups. Not to be rushed through, these are done in sets of twenty with extreme precision, and slow effort causing the burn.


While not the most enjoyable to even the most seasoned athletes, squats engage this group in an exercise that uses the body of the athlete as its own resistance. These are done in sets of ten, and the squat position is held for five seconds on each repetition.


The second part of the method is to, when standing, put your hands in front of you, almost as it fighting. Twisting above the hip slowly, from side to side for a set of a minute and in increasing amounts, will keep the core toned.


A crafty solution, take a rope or string and tie each of its end to a weight. Standing straight, drape string over ankle and lifting heel towards back, raise the weights then lower. This is to be done in sets of twenty.

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