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Never Worry About Your Height Again

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Height has been a symbol of attractiveness, strength, and elegance for both men and women for centuries. Even if we put aside the fact that we as a society choose almost exclusively tall models and athletes to idolize great beauty, height makes a grand psychological impression on most people. Across cultural divides and historical periods, long-limbed individuals are considered to have won the genetic lottery. They have greater successes, make better first impressions, and are even supposed to live longer.

But what can you do if you’re shorter than average and you know there’s no manageable way around it? Surgery is far too much of a commitment for most people, both financially and in regards to safety and health, but shoe inserts for increasing your height can certainly make a difference while being less of a hassle. The desire to be taller may remain profound, but it’s possible to boost one’s confidence and gain many of the positive psychological side effects that naturally taller people enjoy with just this one simple and convenient product.

Never Worry About Your Height Again

For example, it has been argued that height can have an effect on the emotional state of an individual. This may be due to the fact that shorter people are more used to being looked down at than up to, thus contributing to defensive, insecure behavior rather than openness, ease, and comfort with oneself. The same people are likely to feel distrustful of others, paranoid, and wounded by perceived hostility more often than others.

If this sounds anything like you, fear not, because companies like Add Height know your despair and have faced design challenges specifically to meet your needs. Natural height itself doesn’t have to be the only solution. Since its psychological effects are just that — psychological, not physical — it is more than likely that simply feeling tall will recreate them for you. While men could wear heels if they really wanted to, most social norms discourage that. Women do wear heels often, but that becomes painful after a while, and is not ideal for both the blisters and expense, as well as the long-term harm caused to the spine and shoulders.

Those who cringe at the idea of wearing heels should bask in the glory of premium insoles. These insoles add height to the heel portion of any shoe in a manner that makes them invisible to the public. Of course, only quality companies actually deliver flexibility and comfort with these premium insoles,though many more may simply promise it. There are very few that are willing to guarantee that their customers will never feel awkward as they take a step with these insoles; Add Height is one of these solely because their product is designed not only to boost height but also to actually support and cradle the foot in a manner than resembles extra-comfortable orthopedic insoles.

Improving confidence is often a concerted effort, and certain products make it easier to achieve high self-esteem levels.

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