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Natural Rugs Are The Perfect Choice For Decorating Any Space

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Furnishing of any space in a residential or commercial space should begin with the carpeting of the floor and the staircases. Though you may have decorated the walls with your beautiful art or sketches and other crafts, if the floors and stairs are bare or empty, then the interior decoration would not be complete. Just as the fault areas on the walls are concealed with the different types of decorative items or carpeting, it is essential to cover any flaws or defective areas of the floor too. There is no better option than using natural carpets or rugs. The art of carpet making has evolved through the ages and remained as one of the main objects of interest. Woven in different designs and patterns, originally with the fibers from the wool and hair from the sheep and goat, these carpets or rugs have surprised the masses for generations. Unfortunately these beautiful objects were not affordable for every person. Therefore, in the present era, the carpet makers have been innovative in weaving the carpets from the plant fibers which would not only satisfy the customer in terms of appearance but also because of long lasting performance.

Natural Rugs Are The Perfect Choice For Decorating Any Space

Natural rugs or carpets are made from the plant fibers like sisal, sea grass, jute or coir growing in different conditions of weather and geographical locations. Sisal extract comes from a type of cactus plant, seagrass usually grows on the seafloor and cultivated in the marshy areas of China. Jute grows in the sub-tropical wet areas and coir is extracted from the coconut growing in the palm trees of coastal areas. All of the fibers extracted from these plants carry similar characteristics in terms of performance as rugs or carpets. The following characteristics have been noticed by the carpet weavers and therefore perfectly suitable for weaving natural carpets or rugs:

  • These rugs, known as the natural rugs, retain its natural appearance even after getting processed and woven in different colors and patterns.
  • Natural rugs are biodegradable. It indicates the fact that these products would not be seen as waste even when these rugs are disposed of because these products can be recycled and put to further use.
  • Therefore, purchasing natural rugs would be a worthy investment. Natural rugs carry the ability to counter the wear and tear of time because of the hardness of the fibers.
  • These natural rugs do not get soiled easily even when exposed to a dusty atmosphere. Therefore, no regular cleaning is required other than with a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, dry cleaning is advisable because any form of moisture contact will damage the carpet or the rug as a whole.
  • Though it can be used in the external area for decoration, however, excessive contact with the rays of the sun will hamper the natural look of the rugs.
  • It is quite risky to use the expensive carpets made from animal fibers in the interior spaces where the kids are highly active and naughty. They have the habit of spilling anything. Installing natural rugs instead of expensive ones would save the unnecessary expenditure of maintenance. When something spills on natural rugs, it can be cleared out easily. Whereas, it has been seen that woolen carpets are highly sensitive to such kind of spills and get damaged owing to a stain forming on the design and affecting the appearance.
  • It has also been observed that synthetic carpets or rugs generating static electricity. It is not the case with natural rugs installed in your interior spaces. Because natural rugs do not provide this kind of risk they are perfect for your domestic areas that older persons and kids are using.
  • Installing natural rugs would be safe in terms of health grounds too, as the dust does not collect on the surface and do not allow anyone to suffer from any kind of allergy or sickness.
  • Natural rugs are ideal in crowded areas as the hardness of the natural fiber help in absorbing the sound pollution.

Choose any of the Floorspace natural rugs that would suit your needs in terms of look and appearance. Floorspace natural rugs are available at low prices and in a customized form.

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