Multi-generational Remodels Are Gaining Popularity

When remodeling your home, don't just consider your current needs. Also consider the future needs you'll have as a home owner.

Thinking of completing a home remodel but want to ensure you get the most from your investment? Start by learning more about multi-generational remodels. These types of remodels are gaining popularity because they meet the current and future needs of homeowners.

Consider Current and Future Needs

A significant benefit of completing a multi-generational remodel is that this kind of project doesn’t just consider your current needs as a home owner. Instead, it also recognizes what features you’ll need from the property as you age.

If you hope to age in place through retirement rather than move into an assisted living facility, you must consider which home features will allow you to achieve that goal. Rather than focusing just on what you’d like your home to include now, consider which features will be essential as you age in place. Those features could include wider hallways, more accessible appliances, a walk-in tub and more.

Build an In-Laws Suite

One feature of multi-generational remodels that’s quickly becoming popular is including an in-law suite. Basically, an in-law suite is an extra area added on to homes that can be used in the future if you need to take aging relatives into your home who are no longer able to live alone. An in-law suite can reduce the stress and space constraints associated with caring for an aging loved one. As you age in place, this area of the home could also become your primary living area as it would include features that accommodate mobility issues.

Plan for Mobility

As people age, they often become less mobile. Plan for becoming less mobile as you age by including the right changes in your home remodel. For example, if you’ll be adding a new area to your home, include wider hallways, better lighting and other features that will be significant to you as you age.

Invest in High Quality Products

An important element of any home remodel is investing in high-quality products. Choosing high-quality materials, appliances and products for your home rebuild can help ensure that those items will last for many years rather than needing to be replaced again in the near future. When choosing appliances and products, select models that could still be easily used as you age and become less mobile. A good example of this is choosing a walk-in tub instead of a traditional bathtub.

Hire the Right Contractor

According to Remodeling for the Future: Aging in Place, not all contractors are equipped to handle multi-generational home remodels. Make this project a success by hiring the right contractor to complete the remodel. Many contractors specialize in aging in place remodels and these professionals can help guide you through the best remodeling decisions.

Ensure your home meets your current and future needs by completing a multi-generational home remodel. This type of remodel will include the features you need now as well as those you’ll need to age in place through retirement. Contact a qualified contractor and learn more about multi-generational remodels today.

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