How To Choose Binoculars For Bird Watching

There are two main aspects that you need to consider if you are looking to buy a pair of binoculars, the purpose for buying them and your budget. If you know the answer to both you are ready to make the purchase. However, there are certain other factors that you need to focus on before you finally make the purchase. These factors are optical quality, power, portability and magnification. Now, if you are buying an expensive pair, ensure to know its particular application. Bird watching binoculars are not like all other binoculars and have some specifications which you should know before purchasing them.

How do Binoculars Work?

Basically, all binoculars are derived from telescopes, owing to which they contain only two lenses and are used for the most basic magnifying requirements. The lens closer to the object is known as objective lens, whereas lends closest to viewers eye is known as eyepiece. The size of the image can be increased or decreased by moving it further away or closer to objective lens.

A pair of binoculars can be referred to as two telescopes attached in parallel alignment. Two telescopes are placed so that both eyes are able to coordinate and form a better image which also enhances clarity. As light gets bent when it enters the barrel of binoculars, these rays are directed towards the other lens and the image gets turned upside down and inside out. In order to correct this two prisms are placed inside each barrel so that the image forms properly in the eye of the individual using it.

Power, Light and Weight

The power of lens can be expressed using two values, the number of times it allows magnification, and the diameter of the objective lens. For bird watching magnification as well as focus is required and when aperture is bigger more light is available in the lens and one can even spot birds at dawn or dusk. While bird watching it is difficult to rely on a stand that can be moved agile like you so it is better to purchase small compact devices that will be filed as an exchange.

Modern binoculars are pretty light in weight since unlike their traditional counterparts they do not have prism inside which increases the weight. These models do not have shoulders, improving their appearance, making them light and substantially easy to carry. However, these binoculars might have high price tag due to inclusion of advanced technology.

Pricing Justification

Price plays a major role in purchase of binoculars, and there are several factors that affect price. Glass lens that are coated with multiple layers produces a picture at higher magnification, which are clearer than images produced by plastic lens.