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Most Powerful Magnets Available Today – Neodymium Magnets

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Neodymium magnets commonly known as neo magnets are the rare type of earth metals. This magnet has got the highest magnetic properties and has the most powerful magnetic fields. Because of its magnetic and electrostatic properties these are widely used in technical and mechanical industries.

You will find them from windmill generators, to automobiles to atom destructors. With advancement in the latest technology, these magnets are now also used in jewelleries, toys and clasps.

Features of neodymium magnets

Samarium cobalt is the rare earth metal, which has all the magnetic properties like neodymium magnets. Since they are costly, they are not used by all industries. Neodymium magnets on the other hand are less costly than rare earth metals, but they are as good as compared to samarium cobalt.

This material is a mixture of neodymium-iron-boron and forms the strongest magnetic spring. Moreover, neodymium magnets occupy less space in a device and give better results. Not only they are easy to use, but also they are doesn’t lose their magnetic properties over longer period of time.

Grading and shapes

There are 30 -50 grades available in neodymium disc magnets. They can be rectangular, circular and square. They can be custom manufactured to meet your specific conditions, by certain companies. In this case, you must approach a magnet manufacturing company.

Know the applications

  • Automobile industry – it is widely used in the luxury cars, to make the engine stronger and last longer.
  • Audio and headphones – to improve the sound quality. Good electro magnetic resonance gives quality sound.
  • Pumps bearing, turbine machine, wind generators, electric generators,
  • Magnetic therapy – it is used by the doctors and physiotherapists to reduce pain and back aches. These magnets are also helpful in maintaining haemoglobin percentage and red blood cells count.
  • Cameras, MRI machineries, anti-breaking system, security door latches


No magnets should be exposed over 140 degrees Celsius. Any magnets how much stronger magnetic force it has, it loose its magnetic properties, with such high temperatures. The high temperature break the strong spring bonds in the compound and directly affects the atomic structure of the magnet. In most of the cases, once the magnet lost its magnetic field due to extreme temperatures, it cannot be revived.


Neo magnets are attached and put to use by using “super glues”. Industrial glues don’t work well with the bonding. Additionally, setting of the surface of the magnet is very important before using the glue.


Neodymium magnets work best when they have coating. It is very important to coat it with a polymer surface. This ensures that the moisture doesn’t interact with the iron content in the magnet. Thereby, it becomes resistant to rusting.


Storing these powerful magnets is not very easy. Usually, these magnetized are demagnetized and later re-magnetized before they are actually put to use. Demagnetization before storing is necessary because, otherwise it will interfere with the working process of other metallic machineries.


Lastly, one should be careful while installing neo magnet in a device. Proper technical training should be given to workers before they can handle it.

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