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The Top Most Adventurous Amusement Parks In The World

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Your young ones have been exceptional this year. They have been cleaning their rooms on time and scoring good grades. You are beginning to wonder what could have inspired the change. Wonder no more! Your child probably promised Santa they would be good and in return, they wished for a trip to an adventure park. There are many globally recognized theme parks, which could suit your family needs.

The Top Most Adventurous Amusement Parks In The World


Legos are part of the culture for today’s children. From the play toys to the movies, they are a major attraction. LEGOLAND, on the other hand, is a theme park that falls nothing short of adventure and fun. There are more than 55 rides suitable for children of all ages. There are also water-based rides, which are not common in most amusement parks.

2. World Water Park

It is an indoor water park in Canada and the largest of its kind. The park is covered by a massive transparent dome and finds a home at the West Edmonton Mall. There are several pools in the park with creatively designed slides to make it enjoyable for all water lovers. The different pools offer a variety of age-appropriate pools.

3. Suoi Tien Park

The park located west of Vietnam tells the rich history and legends the people hold close to their hearts. It is probably the best place to confirm that story in your child’s comic book. The park has numerous aquariums containing different types of crocodiles and other sea animals. The park’s main attraction for children is the unicorn palace housing various fictional animals.

4. Chessington World of Adventures Park

The park offers several themed adventures within the same park. Chessington is located in southwest London and has different attractions in each of the mini-parks. There are four smaller parks named after experiences they offer; the Forbidden Kingdom, the Pirates Cove, the Land of the Dragons and Transylvania. There is also a zoo, home to about 1000 animals, which give quite the performance.

5. Wonder Island

The Top Most Adventurous Amusement Parks In The World

The park in St Petersburg Russia is a movie theme park famous for the Shrek movie characters. The park is known for one of the biggest roller coasters in the world. Other pay-per-ride adventures are a pure thrill. It is a family presence park with some of the most the most terrifying rides in the world.

6. Dolly Wood

The park is inspired by the life and music of Dolly Parton, making her a national treasure of sorts. The theme park in the United States offers a Barbie experience for the girls and an adventure trip for your boys. It is more of an amusement park with an array of roller coaster rides and merry-go-rounds.

7. Alton Towers

It is one of the first theme parks in the United Kingdom hosting some of the treasured cultures in Britain. The park located in Staffordshire is famous for the roller coaster ride named Nemesis. It has been voted the best roller coaster in the world from the life changing experience it offers as described by people. All rides in the park climb above 60ft and drop at an angle of 88 degrees going at almost 70km per hour.

8. Universal Studios Singapore

The Top Most Adventurous Amusement Parks In The World

Just as the name suggest the park is on Sentosa island Singapore. It is a movie themed park like all other Universal Studios adventure parks. It is the second park among the two in Asia. The first is in Japan. The park offers the ultimate movie experience through the adventurous rides and thrilling shows based on blockbuster movies. Currently, the park is famous for the Halloween event dubbed the Halloween Horror Nights where supernatural characters from the movies come to life.

9. Twin Lake theme Park

The Twin Lakes Park is the ultimate treasure hunt adventure playground for kids. It has a zoo, a rooster farm, and an Excalibur fun zone. Children love the name Excalibur from the magic power of the sword and therefore get to enjoy the slides and castle climbing games available

10. The Children Republic

Some kids are not excited by roller coaster rides among other things typical of children. If your child is more inclined to a learning experience, this park in Argentina is the best. In the park, children get to elect a Congress to govern them. There are also banks that offer them loans, which they get to justify just like in the real world. The design is all brightly colored to capture children’s attention and imagination.

Whether you go west, east or south there are amusement parks to make your kids’ holiday wish come true.

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