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Monsoon Style To Enjoy Rains At The Fullest

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Monsoon gives a relief from scorching hot sun and hot winds but it also brings some problems with it. Some people don’t like rainy season because of water logging on roads, drizzling at odd times which prevents them from leaving home and the nastiest thing is slurry on the road which even makes it difficult to walk.

The most important thing in monsoon is the raincoat which you can purchase from online stores as well. You can use Flipkart coupons to save money while shopping to shop more and buy some additional stuff to flaunt in this season.

Monsoon Style To Enjoy Rains At The Fullest

However, leaving all these trivial things Monsoon is the big reliever of heat and a season of romance. Here are some tips that would help you to enjoy monsoon apart from all the grudges you have with problems created by unexpected and unwanted rains.

  • Colorful Flip Flops
    These are the four months in the whole year when you should keep your leather shoes aside and put your feet in colorful flip flops. It shines more after coming in contact with water. You can even purchase many flip flops matching your different dresses adding colors to your style.
  • Bright Scarves
    Pink, electric blue, orange or sea green are the hottest color of the season. Pick bright scarves of these colors wear them around your neck and leave them loose to hang on shoulders.
  • Pick Skirts and Shorts
    Again like leather shoes it’s time to ditch your formal pants. Wear skirts and shorts which do not get dirty from sludge along with bringing you in the loop. You can pick colorful short and skirts teaming them up with crop tops or tees.
  • Neon Umbrellas
    Carrying Neon umbrellas also jazzes up your monsoon style. As the season approaches markets get pervaded with umbrellas. Neon shades are also available in prints so carry the umbrella that makes you different. The hues like electric blue also look very good in this season.

Monsoon Style To Enjoy Rains At The Fullest

  • Waterproof Watches
    Metal watches and bangles do not go well in this season so it’s time to put on waterproof watches. Stylish watches in different designs enhance your monsoon look. Waterproof watches are available in rubber and plastic bands in different shades. You can even match them with your dresses or a multicolor watch will work well with all.
  • Knee-length Rompers
    Choosing something else to wear other than shorts or skirts should be knee-length rompers. Again they will not get dirty while making you keep look fashionable and trendy.

You can also use Limeroad coupons to buy all these items at lower price to avoid going out on water logged roads. Trying these tips would definitely make you look stylish and trendy this season. Now, lock your monsoon style to enjoy rains at the fullest.

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