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Mladen Djankovic: Undeniable Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

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The greatest entrepreneurs in history have had a combination of almost identical traits, Mladen Djankovic explains. Many people may have one or two of these characteristics, but seldom and ever so rare are the individuals who exhibit all these qualities. And it’s these individuals, Mladen Djankovic notes, that take over the business world, for better or worse.

As a successful entrepreneur himself, Mladen Djankovic has studied many like him, both in today’s society and in the past.

He’s come up with several traits he believes should be cultivated by entrepreneurs if they stand a chance in attaining success in the highly competitive and often unforgiving business realm.


Passion is what drives an entrepreneur to get up every day at the crack of dawn and do everything they need to do for their business. Mladen Djankovic explains that a person can’t succeed in business without passion.

He adds that even if the person isn’t genuinely passionate about the products they sell, they should at least be passionate about business and all the competition it entails.


Perseverance complements passion greatly. Mladen Djankovic explains that many first-time entrepreneurs are taken by surprise by all the adversity they encounter when setting up a company, much less running it. It is inevitable for business owners to hit roadblocks and encounter problems of all shapes and sizes. He explains that perseverance, as the trait, is most important in making a person pick himself up after being knocked down.


Without vision, entrepreneurs cannot see what their company is capable of. Business owners with vision get to see not only the potential of their companies but also the road ahead towards that end goal. Vision also allows entrepreneurs to anticipate problems and prepare for them.


One of the most underrated traits in Mladen’s opinion – patience is vital in decision making — and entrepreneurs spend half their time making decisions. Without patience, business owners wouldn’t even consider evaluating a situation. The lack of patience of entrepreneurs also led to the closure of many companies. Impatience not only causes entrepreneurs to make mistakes, but it also leads to them skipping many important processes that are foundational to the company.


Mladen explains that in this case, innovation doesn’t necessarily mean the entrepreneur is great at inventing things. An innovative person is skilled at coming up with different ways to go about fulfilling the needs of the business’s target market or accomplishing certain processes. Innovation and vision are quite similar in the sense that they both supply forethought to a person. Innovative entrepreneurs are also known to think outside of the box, and they know all too well that there are several ways to reach an intended destination.

Mladen Djankovic is a successful serial entrepreneur and seasoned corporate strategist and marketer with years of experience in developing global brands and spearheading top-tier companies.

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