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Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Ideal Nursing Application and Pitch

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Getting admission in a good nursing college is tough, even if you have high GPA and good test scores. Therefore, you need to make good effort in writing an application. Nursing application and pitch needs to be flawless, so as to stay ahead in competition. Many students make common errors in their applications.

Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Ideal Nursing Application and Pitch

To prepare an ideal nursing application essay, it is necessary to avoid the mistakes given below.

  • Capitalization, complete sentences, and punctuations are to be used properly.
  • If your application is written by someone else, it will be obvious, so avoid this.
  • Never attempt to mention grades incorrectly.
  • If you defend specific things, which was absolutely your fault then you will possibly not win. For example, you revealed that you got a ‘C’ in French because of ‘personal disputes with your tutor’ then it is a big mistake.
  • Avoid recycling other applicants essay because school reference you desire to attend may be wrong.
  • Spell check does not detect every error, so make sure to have a professional human editor to proofread your application and pitch.
  • Never attach extra recommendation letters, art project, a DVD, and anything that enhances your representation unless you are asked.
  • Avoid being a humble bag to light hearted questions. For example, if they ask, ‘what you do for fun?’ An answer, ‘I sincerely have fun in performing community service at local hospital?’, is a big mistake.
  • Some students fail to point out the reasons of entering specific nursing school.
  • You can lose points, if your nurse-related experience is left unmentioned.
  • Just talking about personal qualities of nurse will not work but providing a real-life story, which demonstrates your care towards others. This can help to convince the admission officer panel.
  • Submit your application early because sliding in the final hour will not work for you.

Some nursing schools do not need written nursing applications but conduct an in person interview. This is a boon for students, who are not strong writers but still they need to get prepared for the interview. It will help them to answer the questions asked by the interviewers, confidently.

How to prepare for in-person interview?

  • Arriving late for the interview conveys a bad message, so be punctual. It shows you actually desire to be accepted.
  • Focus on the interviewers and don’t be fidgety. It shows you are attentive.
  • Don’t wear flashy clothes. Casual style is preferred by majority of schools.

Take help from essay writing services

Taking help from professional essay writing service is a fast and affordable way to get a nursing application and pitch written. Visit to get support from experienced and expert writers. Make sure that you are well aware of the deadline of submitting the application. You will need to provide necessary documents and information like resumes, school references, due date, and more.

Getting a well-drafted application and pitch will allow you to submit it early. You will get ample slots open, at the university and it will also display that you need an admission seriously.

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