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Minimizing Damage When Excavating Your Yard

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Making your backyard beautiful by adding a pool, a pond, or other renovation projects could require you to excavate in your backyard. You might be thinking that handling a digging project alone isn’t too much of a problem. However, excavation is not as easy as you might initially believe, and it could even be dangerous. You don’t just go out and rent an excavator, an auger, or a drill and start digging. There could be gas or utility lines lying under your lawn. There are steps you need to take to ensure you complete the task safely.

Minimizing Damage When Excavating Your Yard

The following four tips will help you stay safe and perform an excavation job correctly.

Be Aware of Buried Utility Lines

Before any excavation equipment is used, you need to be aware that there could be utility lines underneath, and the state and city have special laws relating to utility safety.

You need to find out what your city regulations are. Some cities require you to wait a specific time frame while they check for utility lines. Other towns require you to inform the gas company to make sure no gas lines are running through the excavation area.

You must wait and help each of the regulatory agencies by meeting their requirements. In most cases, they will send someone out to mark with paint or stakes where there are gas or electrical lines.

Wait for Favorable Weather

Don’t take on a drilling or excavation project during the rainy season. The process will be a nightmare. Search the forecast to make sure the weather is dry and warm. Then again, even when you plan on the best weather, it can often change at a moment’s notice, so be prepared. Get tarps just in case you need to cover the excavation area. Be sure and measure the area of excavation before digging. If it rains, your measurements will change because of mudslides. Be sure to make marks with stakes or paint.

Clear out Large Rocks and Rough Terrain

Once you have taken care of utility issues, start to clear out rough areas, rocks, and dead tree debris. This is especially necessary for rural backyard areas.

Clean Everything Up

Once you finish the excavation, you need to haul away the excess debris and dirt. You will need a large utility vehicle to do this. You want to clear the area so that it is as neat and pristine as when you first started. This means hauling away roots, dead trees, boulders, rocks, and excess dirt. It is going to be a lot of work.

Accept The Fact that You need Help

As you can see, even a small excavation area can mean a lot of work. After you realize everything you will need to do to excavate in your backyard, you might want to consider hiring a professional drilling service. This type of backyard project is usually one that should be left up to the experts who have the right excavation equipment and tools to extricate debris, stones, and other obstacles.

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