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Marine Refrigerator: Insights About Drop-in Cabinet Refrigerator

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A lot has been written on the topic of marine refrigeration. Instead of giving you unnecessary technical information, we will try to discuss a few common concepts and practical tips that will assist you to arrive at a workable system design. These conclusions are coming from the an experience of around 15 years.

Marine Refrigerator: Insights About Drop-in Cabinet Refrigerator

Need for Refrigeration

Boats spend their most of the time in water. The crew is often of varied size. Sometimes they are large, and sometimes the crew is just one man. Irrespective of the size of the crew, the need for a good refrigeration system for a boat or ship, can not be ruled out. It keeps the food fresh. Food at sea and while the boat or ship is in the water can become scarce. The food that we take with us to the land is subject to decay. And with the atmosphere that is present in the sea and oceans, it is hard to tell that at which hour will the food become not fit for eating. After food comes the most important requirement of the human body. Water, the water can be stored in the boat refrigeration units, and one can drink water from there whenever they feel thirsty.

Different Types of Refrigeration Unit

There are different types of boat refrigeration units. We are discussing some of them very briefly, in order to give you an idea of what exactly the refrigeration units are that can be used for the boats.

Drop-in Cabinet Refrigerator

It is in a huge way similar to the units that we have at our home, referred to as the domestic refrigerator units. The only difference is the power supply need for the marine refrigerator. For the marine units, the power supply is a 12 Volt or 24 Volt Direct Current battery. Another difference is that the marine unit is equipped with the locking latch on the door. This latch has a purpose to fulfill. It is fixed to the door to stop the contents that are inside the refrigerator from falling out. This is important because the boat suffers a lot of currents while sailing in the sea and thus, it is quite shaky inside the boat or Yacht. If the latch is closed the content would not fall out and the food or other content inside the fridge remain inside only.

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